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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    Thanks El Rey, I had a good laugh. I'm passionate too when I see things that are not right and misrepresented. I ate some fruit as you suggested but am still saddened and worried about the future from all this madness. But thanks for the chuckle. I appreciated it.
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    Hi Dale the Farmer, Please see my most recent post in response to alexw here on this thread as my response to you. The news media will hunt and hunt and hunt to find the cases that create excitement and hysteria as this is what sells. It's the same worldwide and especially here in the DR...
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    I didn't lash out at you, I merely stated the obvious observations that I saw from your posts. I have lived in the DR since 2007 and love it even though it's not perfect. Now, if you can get over your know it all self for a minute and look at the facts, leave emotions out of it and use common...
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    Wow, alexw, I think you're the one who needs to get over yourself. I have been nothing but respectful to your snide remarks and bating comments. It's obvious you're a nitpicking do-gooder who likes to get their nose in everyone's business and tell them how stupid they are like you did to other...
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    The freedom to travel and return to my beloved Dominican Republic which I miss terribly. The freedom to leave the house and go anywhere I want, whenever I want to, at whatever time I want to. The freedom to congregate with more then 10 people. The freedom to go and have a nice dinner at a...
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    Next wave is coming, THANK YOU Puerto Plata!

    Thanks Cobraboy, finally someone is taking a common sense approach to this "Pandemic". I completely agree with your post here. I have even talked to doctors in the DR and the US and they have said the same thing you're saying here. Nasty bug, no doubt but not the end of the world as the news...
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    Next wave is coming, THANK YOU Puerto Plata!

    I'll be watching intently to see what happens in 14 days.
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    Alexw, I use common sense and also do not trust things I'm told by any government of the world. All governments have their own agenda and will warp and change the facts to support whatever crazy things they want to push. This coronavirus is not near as bad as it's being made out to be. I have...
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    ...after 1 week of tanning and 4 injections with Lysol...

    I'm surprised the DR Gov. just doesn't issue orders for everyone to put Vicks Vapor Rub all over their bodies to protect from the Coronavirus... they believe Vicks cures everything here.
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    The goose that laid the golden eggs

    SNH, you are obviously a man with much experience here and I agree with almost everything you have said. The biggest thing is if you don't live here and you don't speak Spanish, you will have a very difficult time meeting a real women. I can't tell you how many first dates I have gone on where...
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    I strongly believe this whole Coronavirus is BS. Shutting down the whole world for the Flu is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life.
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    Hello from an aplatanado

    I think most people emigrate to the DR due to blue skies and warm water and stay forever due to more freedom. If you're not freedom loving then the warm water and blue skies probably is not enough to keep you here. You gotta embrace the craziness and accept the disorganization to be happy...
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    Hello from an aplatanado

    Welcome Regan, I love your attitude. I too prefer the DR with all its craziness and disorganization to the U.S. I'm actually stuck here in the U.S. right now as I came back for some urgent business and the airports were closed in the DR before I could get back. I love the freedom of the DR and...
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    Will USDDOP hit 100 pesos and why it does not matter?

    Gold has always been and will most likely always be the only way to protect your wealth.
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    Greetings. My name is Angel and I'm from Florida. This is my first post.

    Welcome Angelx, I'm currently trapped in Orlando waiting to get back home to the DR, where are you?
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    This is a great first step to the river problem but I too am concerned as to what will happen with all the dumpster bins of garbage and plastics. The follow through here is not real good but hopefully it will help. Things have improved since I first came here in 2007 so there is hope. Very...
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    Possibly the Most Unique Position Ever Posted on DR1

    This project looks great and hopefully will be well received throughout the world. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the finished product. As one who came from California I have an appreciation for new film producers and the learning process required to put something like this together...
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    Juan Dolio and stories I've heard

    Hi DRReady, I lived in Juan Dolio for about a year back in 2013 and absolutely loved it. I was in what they call the new part and never had any problems at all. Felt completely safe and was out late at night and also up early for work and never experienced any dangerous situation. You just...
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    Hello from Nashville, TN

    Hello Maggz, welcome!! Love Nashville, went there every month for about a year and a half on business. Great city and nice people. Cold as hell in the winter so prefer the DR. Come on down...
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    Hello Finally

    Welcome Julie...