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    How do you send a MMS?

    Does anyone know how to send a picture from a computer to a Verizon cellphone? Is it ? Muchas gracias :tired:
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    Looking for used laptop

    Hola! I am looking to buy a laptop. If there is anyone --preferable in the North or Cibao region--, who would like to sell his, please PM. Saludos ;)
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    Does anyone know why Cubans and Dominicans use the word "blumes" or "blumer" when they refer to "bragas"? I cannot see any relation to any language that I know and my Cuban friends don't know either. Was "blumes" a trademark? Gracias! ;)
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    Pico Duarte in August

    I will be in August in Republica Dominicana and I would like to climb Pico Duarte. Has anybody climb it in August? What type of boots/equip would you recommend? How and where did you got the permit and your guide? Any information that you can provide, would be appreciated. Saludos!
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    Dominican expressions and words

    I just finished reading "Final inesperado" written by Tomas Rodriguez, a Dominican who lives in Canada, and I thought to share some local expressions and words that I found: @ Manuel ponch? su tarjeta (to punch the card in an office) @ Los machateros (Peleador, peleon) @ Le dieron una...
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    Apollo/Galileo CRS

    Does anybody know if travel agencies in Dominican Republic also work in Apollo/Galileo CRS?
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    Visa de Negocios (NM) o Residencia

    I am currently a teleworker in Canada and I am thinking in doing the same job from RD. My salary will be paid in Canadian funds and I will pay Canadian taxes. In this case, what would it be better/easier: to request a "visa de negocios con entradas multiples" or a "visa de residencia"? which one...
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    List of recruitment companies in RD

    :classic: Does anyone have a list of the major recruitment companies in RD? Any company specialized in the hospitality/tourism industry? I am fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian; wide overseas experience and have over 15 yrs experience in the travel/hospitality industry. I got...