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    POP long term parking

    Hi does anyone know if theres long term parking at POP and if so,how much is it daily.Will be leaving car there for 7 days so is it safe...thanks in advance
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    Maternity hospitals in Sosua/POP area?

    Hi anyone got first hand knowledge of the best hospitals with Maternity units in Sosua/POP area? which in your opinion is best and worse. Also anywhere that has a good supply of resonably priced baby equipment either new or secondhand:bunny:
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    Sosua mail

    Hi does anyone know of a mailing service that allows you to send letters to them so you can pick up in the Sosua area? Were relocating and have a few letters that will be sent to us from Boca Chica...Thanks !
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    Ups problems

    We just recently moved to DR and filed for residency..well we had 2 boxes shipped from England over to DR,.all was going well,.on time,until it hit Santo Domingo,it has now been 12 days and no one at UPS seem to want to help at all.All that is inside is our used clothes,personal items,nothing or...
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    Hi everyone..cpl moving to boca chica

    We just wanted to say hi to everyone on the forum.we are a cpl from england who will be moving to boca chica at the end of august and any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.would like to meet up with other ex pats either from uk or usa as i also lived in the states in indiana for...
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    Looking for long term apartment in boca chica from end august

    Hi myself and my wife are moving to boca chica at the end of august and we are looking for either a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment.preferably fully furnished and must have excellent internet access in the apartment as this is necessary for my work.all offers considered and must be in good clean...