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    Change to arrival passport stamp

    Feel like it's been a while since this forum freaked out about overstay fee... Noticed on my arrival this week to sti the stamp now has a spot to write visa type (marked na for me) and a spot for validity period (marked 30 días for me) Didn't see any posts here about the new stamps
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    Santiago airport cracking down on liquids

    I travel a lot and this is the first time that has ever happened... Threw out every travel sized bottle of alcohol, hand sanitizer, deodorant. Said it's prohibited to record, take photos, or even send a voice message while they are searching my bags. Threatened to make me miss my flight when...
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    North coast pop to samana, beach wedding at local prices

    Looking for more ideas for a beach wedding, either on the beach or with a beach view, on the north coast, for 80 people but not at tourist prices. Was thinking to rent a large villa for $1500 per night or less, to have the wedding and stay for a few days with family after. So far not a single...
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    The Best Beaches, Waterfalls, Views and Roadtrips

    I feel like most of the time DR1 is about problems and solutions, and ways to avoid getting ripped off. For me, a huge part of the Republica Dominicana, is the adventure! I was shocked the other day, while looking for a remote waterfall on the Rio Rejoya and having gotten advice to stop at...
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    Hanging egg chair furniture

    I've located a chair like this in suplidora hawaii in Santiago but they wanted $36k pesos for it, and it wasn't even a very nice one! Any idea of a store, perhaps in Santo domingo, which would have them for a more reasonable price? Aliss in Santiago has a hanging chaise lounge, but it's a...