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    Hi Does anyone know what the FiR stands for in the bottom right hand corner? Is it just someone's "tag" or is it some political affiliation or group? Thanks 2LF
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    60 Miles East (film) NYC

    Hey!! it's finally arrived!!!! It's going to be playing at the NYC Latino Film Festival. July 24, 2008. It's going to be shown at a theater, not sure which one, located at 110 W 57th St -----the cross is 6-7 Ave....At 7 PM. I'm excited!!!!
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    Spanish Expressions/Website

    A friend sent this site to me. I thought that it might be helpful for people learning Spanish. It has idioms and sayings. I found... "By the way" .. I know someone was asking about that a little while ago. "Keep the change" --- instead of getting the "gum change" you can now tell them to...
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    Frank Reyes In NYC

    I saw in yesterdays News that Frank Reyes, Don Omar and Gilberto Santa Rosa will be at the Garden on February 9. Tix are between $60 and 130!!! Not RD prices! 2LF
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    Christmas Music/Merengue??

    Is there any Christmas music that's merengue or bachata/salsa or is it considered sacreligious and they wouldn't do it. In Spanish. Years ago the Salsoul Orchestra did a Christmas album-- I think it was salsa based and in English.
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    Macondo Closed!

    For anybody in the tri-state area another Spanish book store has closed in NYC. Macondo on 14th Street has recently closed. After 35 years of being in business they have now shut their doors. This is the second one in the past two months. If anyone is interested I have a listing of Spanish...
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    Libreria Lectorum

    A sad day in NYC!! The oldest Spanish bookstore in the country is closing it's doors at the end of the month!! They've been in business for almost 50 years. It was a great bookstore. They had everything imaginable. Dictionaries, books from all the Spanish speaking countries. They had a...
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    L L

    I know in different countries it's pronounced differently. In the DR it's pronounced as a "j". Is it pronounced that way always? For every word or will it sometimes sound like a y? Think about the following words and how would you pronounce them? La Ballena? La Estampilla? These 2 words...
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    What does pegao mean? I can't find it anywhere. I saw it on a beer ad on the subway today. The ad said Tan buena como raspar pegao Thanks 2LF
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    Julia Alvarez /Aug 6/NYC

    Julia Alvarez will be reading from her new book Non Fiction!!!! Once Upon a Quinceanera Barnes & Noble Lincoln Center 7 PM 212 595 6859
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    Latino Film Festival NYC

    At the NYC Latino Film Festival they are showing Yuniol. I know it showed in the DR in April but now it is here! I have the link but I don't know how to attach it to this site. July 26 at 7 PM at Director's Guild Theater 110 W 57 St. Not sure how much the tickets are.
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    Dominican Feast NYC July 7

    Just saw that there was a Dominican Feast in NYC today on 190 Street - 193 St on Amsterdam Avenue. It's from 1- 8. I don't know aything about it. Just wanted to let people know about it. 2Lf
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    Is this word used in the DR? My teacher is from Argentina. I know that words can vary from country to country. My friend from PR had no idea what it meant. Zorra was suggested, or odiosa.
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    I have 2 questions. In Spanish are apostrophes normally used? I know that they are used in the DR and here lies question #2. When they are used ---when are they used? Are they only used with certain words? Which words are they or are they too many to note. Tu 'ta bien-----Tu esta bien?----...
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    ...But my man is different

    THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! Your man is not different!! No, he's not... Nope! Um Um,..No..He's not. My friend (american) --yes really-- swore she met a nice guy. Sweet as pie. Spoke English. Had a visa. Worked in animation. She was told by her Dominican friends to be careful. No no...
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    Gold digger

    What are gold diggers called there (other than sankie) ? I know the word cazafortunas is used in some countries but not all.
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    What neighborhood is the university in? Bella Vista? Gascua? Ciudad Universitaria? La Esperilla?
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    A Flower

    When I was in Las Galeras I saw a very pretty flower. It grew on a vine--my father said it looked like a potato vine. The flower was yellow- lily like- with red thingys inside. It hung over like a bell. Not bell shaped but cupped over like a bell. It was blooming in January. The vine was over a...
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    Espero que....

    I love this phrase. When I read the ?Como? Como como como.... I immediately thought of this phrase. I think it's a Shakira song Espero que no esperes que te espere!:)
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    Como Hablamos Los Dominicanos

    It doesn't appear that this book is available anymore. Does anyone have any information. I tried to purchase from Libreria Cuesta-- no luck and you can't download it?