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  1. J

    United Deals?

    i thought i read somewhere that United was offering deals from newark from around 250. I cant find that price on line....any leads? Dont wanna fly from LGA.
  2. J

    river near boca chica via gua gua

    i hear there some nice rivers and falls near by here in boca chica...and that they are easy to get to by guagua....i think the one i want to go to starts with a B. Any suggestions, ideas or directions? gracias
  3. J

    anyone going to be in boca chica? i leave on thursday and

    will be there for about a month. I am a gay guy but am not looking for a "hook-up" just some folks to hang out with. I hang out at boroca on the playa. Mellow playing dominoes and rummikub and lotsa lotsa swimming
  4. J

    where else do people here travel to?

    I'd like to do a trip in a few weeks but i've already been to DR twice this year. Once for three months and another month after that. I LOVE DR but I'd like to do something different. (mind you..on a Dominican budget jejejeje). I definitely want beach. I have bad legs and swimming makes them...
  5. J

    what is up with all the "medusa" jelly fish in boca chica

    I have never seen these critters before...and i have been going to boca for years. they pretty much lurk in the deaper water and stay on the ocean floor and just pulsate. They never have really bothered me as i wear diving shoes. But my dom friend says that they do sting. THey dont bother...
  6. J

    El Torito en Central Park NYC 7/29...or 26

    Hector Acostar will be live at SummerStage in Central park at the end of the month. They ususualy have a few other Bachateros as well. I'll be there if anyone wants to meet up. Should be fun. Saw Luis Miguel Del Amargue a couple of years ago...with Elvis Martinez, Mochi y Alexadra, and quite...
  7. J

    strange grey rash...on elbows

    The last two trips i have gotten this really strange...greyish..kinda bumpy and VERY itchy rash that seems to like my elbows and knees and ankles..especially my elbows. any one else get this or have any ideas what it is? I've been back for about a week and is still have it. ARRGGG!!:mad:
  8. J

    in boca chica for 2 weeks on the 18th of march

    just got back a month ago and i have to already go back. Would love to meet some DR1'rs on this trip as my "friend" is now working in Bavaro and wont have much time to see me.
  9. J

    hola strangers!!! back from boca

    aye...where to start. Just got back from two months in boca and the capital. Was supposed to only go for two weeks...ended up for two months. Had a great time and will be back later with a full report. Much has changed in boca. It was very quiet...even delores was sober lol. Already...
  10. J

    bachata/salsa etc in boston area?

    Did I ask this already? My cousin is here for the next few weeks. She's a pro ballroom dancer and would like to salsa...i would like to bachata...we basicaly just want a fun latin night in the boston area. I've had a couple of suggestions...but nothing I am jumping down about. She's kinda...
  11. J

    any good dominican spots in boston?

    I just moved back to the boston area (north shore) and looking for some fun spots to go dancing. My cousin is going to be visiting here soon. She is a pro ballroom dancer and would like to go somewhere to go for salsa, merengue and bachata. I've done my googling and have not come up with...
  12. J

    Just want folks to send good vibes

    My friend near Santo Domingo got hit by a car last week. He was unconsious for about a week but has got his brain activity going again. he's not going to die...but has a broken leg, two broken arms and three broken ribs. No..this is not a sankie scheme. Neither he or the family have asked me...
  13. J

    El Mansion? any info

    was just talking to a dominican guy on the corner and he RAVED about this place. He told me it was in the mountains sorta near santiago. I've tried googling luck. It sounded the mountains and close to rivers and waterfalls etc.
  14. J

    OMG Michael Jackson dead!!!!

    ok...he might have been a crazy nut. But we grew up with him. I am just in total shock. I know that MJ was not dominican...but he was universal.
  15. J

    found Extra Viejo in Jersey City!!!

    It must be a mistake. But they have about a case on the shelf at about 30 bucks a bottle (liter). Is it legal to sell extra viejo now in the US? I know they couldnt in the past. Is just good luck or have things changed?
  16. J

    Disputing TMobile roaming charges

    Ok...i'll try to make this short. Was in DR a couple of weeks ago and signed up for Tmobile's international calling plan so i could recieve calls from prospective employers. I got there and I could only make outgoing calls and called "customer care" my second night there to fix the problem. I...
  17. J

    Found a job in NYC while in DR!

    Just a fun story that I want to share with people. Was in the DR last week and I was sitting on the beach and my cell rang...and for some reason i answered it. It ended up being a recruiter for a job! She asked if i could come in for an interview and I explained where I was. So we set up a...
  18. J

    origin of guagua

    I was talking to a friend last night and talking about taking a guagua. While i know what that friend questioned me about the origin of the word. Ok lesley....this must be an easy one for you.
  19. J

    Slumdog Milionaire?

    has any other DR1'rs seen this film? I am only just half way thru....but it reminds me so much of the DR. The struggle between the have's and the have nots. The scenes of the street kids really reminds me of the D.R. Just wondering if anyone has seen it and gets a smililar feeling. It has...
  20. J

    T Mobile in DR?

    any ideas how to deal with T-Mobile? I just need my phone to be working in case I have an emergency (i have some health issues) or if a potential employer is trying to contact me. I ended up signing up an Intl account that for 5 USD reduces my rate from 1.30 a min to 36 a min (calling...