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    Great Samana Pictures Come In And Enjoy

    Hey guys i'm on my way to SAMANA' my second trip of the month SEMANA SANTA seems great for a quick getaway from SANTO DOMINGO ..... HERE'S THE LINK
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    Come On Dr1 Is Time To Partyyyyyyyyy!

    Hey where are you spending SEMANA SANTA this year? disclose your locations, i'm going to be in SAMANA' hopefully the whales would not swim away from me when they see me in a YOLA lol! *************IT'S TIME FOR SUN BEACH AND BEER****************** WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPA!
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    Finally met afew DR1'ers

    How are you guys last friday by luck i was at ADRIANS TROPICAL in el MALECON and fortunatelly was able to meet afew of the DR1 movers and shakers includding Robert and afew others (I didn't know chirimoya was a lady) lol! well i had to live and hope that next time i'll be able to stick for a...
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    Hey guys have you notice!, electricity has been superb for the past 2 months in my area no black outs, no short or extended periods of no electricity i feel like back in the states yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaw!
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    Any Update On Nagua Samana' Bridge?

    Does anyone knows if the bridge is up again, i don't want to take the detour again is too lenely. ERICKXSON
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    Telecomm Question

    Hey guys i'm interested in purchasing an ORANGE Franchise if any of you have information that may help me please let me know. ERICKXSON
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    Get Ready For A New Telecom

    TELEFONICA MOVISTAR IS AROUND THE CORNER MANY BUSINESS SAVY PEOPLE ARE SPREADING RUMORS OF A JANUARY START UP DATE. Movistar comenzar? a operar en Rep?blica Dominicana La empresa de telefon?a m?vil Movistar, filial de la espa?ola Telef?nica Internacional (TISA), ha anunciado su intenci?n de...
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    Snow In Constanza

    Hey guys i just read in the newspaper that it snow a bit in constanza last night registering temperatures of 4 below 0 degrees everything seems to be frozen. what the world is comming to:::::::::::::::::::: I will be opening the first ski resort in the caribbean next year lol!
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    Samana Bay Super Port Project Check It Out

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    Buying a car (again)

    Hey guys is anyone here selling a: 1. VW golf 2. VW polo 3. VW gol 4. VW jetta muat be in good shape 1. not crashed 2. nice interior 3. i can go and see it 4. excellent conditions year 1. 2001 2. 2000 please send me a p.m.
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    Total Collapse Of The Grid (no Electricity)

    Hey guys, at this moment the whole country with one or two exceptions is indulge in darkness 99% percent of the population has no electricity due to the total collapse of the GRID...................... DAM YOU HIPOLITO! i have no water neither since everything works with electricity...
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    Voice Over I.p.

    IF YOU NEED A LOCAL NUMBER IN THE US THIS IS THE WAY TO GO! Hey guys just to let everyone know for the past several months i've been running my Home office (CREAMBAY, INC) a Florida Corp, with VONAGE.COM you can have as many lines as you wish, FREE CALLS ALL OVER THE US AND CANADA, your vonage...
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    Two Weeks In The Dr And A Car Accident

    two JEVITOS (rich kids looking in brand new cars) were drag racing on 27th de Febrero AVE. last night and one lost control crashing into the passenger side of the vehicle i was driving, pushing me against the sidewalk blowing up my tires and then leaving the scene, how u like that for a...
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    Hello my DR1'rerrrrr I'M Back

    Just to let you know guys i just moved into a new Apartment in el Millon with a nice view of the area.... i love it is quiet we have light 24/7 and water aswell everything seems cool we have alot of birds around and alot of freaking Mercedes and expensive cars i need to explore a bit to find out...
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    For the users of the above company........ how is the service are guys having any kind of problems with Verizon Dominicana? please let me know...... is the DSL service reliable enough to handle VONAGE?
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    Is T-MOBILE planning to enter the Dominican GSM Market?

    hey guys i have no confirmation of this move by Deutsche Telekom aka T-MOBILE a leader in the Telecommunications industry in Europe and Orange Telecommunications rival, they have successfully entered the US market and apparently heading east to our beautiful country, i would like to know if any...
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    Boca Chica makes it to Miami

    Hey guys tomorow i'll try to write a bit about the Sankie report that's going to be on TELEMUNDO here in Miami.
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    El Expreso Newspaper

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    Are all Dominican Lousy Workers "Vagos" and Why?

    I would like to hear from the business owners what is you opinion, i've been reading on several Dominican Newspapers that a Danish Cacao grower currently living in here in the DR gave an interview to ( (THE REPORTER) an interview in which he expressed his discontent with...
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    Who Is Buying Pesos?

    I have lot's of pesos to sell does anyone know or have a good connection i can use to convert my pesos to dollars, euros or pounds?. i need a secured and reliable source, could be a Vimenca store or whatever store i just need to change what i have on a weekly basis in order to import my cellular...