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    Cap Cana International

    I am looking for information about Cap Cana International School, specifically from someone who has worked there before, or does currently. I am considering applying for a job there and I have some questions I would like to have answers to first. I have taught in the DR before and it was a...
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    Estimates please :)

    Quick question: My new employer pays the electricity bill for her employers. I plan to install an air conditioner and she is fine with it but is not willing to pay the extra on the bill. She says when can install the unit, but that we will be responsible for the additional costs outside of...
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    Does anyone have the contact information for the International School of Santo Domingo? I have the email but I am really looking for a phone number and I can't find one. Thanks :)
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    Looking for opinions on job offer!

    Hello! My sister and I have been offered jobs teaching at one of the private schools in SD. Our combined salary per month will be RD$ 76,000, or approx. $2000 CAD. Also included in the offer is: paid shared housing (what might this mean?? I will be talking to the employer soon, but I am...