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    credit cards in DR

    The Schwab Debit card always worked as advertised for me in RD. No currency exchange fees, fair exchange rates, all ATM fees refunded. They have pretty responsive customer service and I’ve never needed a quick replacement card but I see good reviews about it.
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    3 wheel Tuk tuk style motoconchos

    In many countries with economic development and traffic similar to the RD, the moto taxi biz is dominated by 3 wheel moto cabs with a roof and a lot more capacity than a two wheeler. These are inexpensive and made by the same Chinese industry that sells a lot of motorcycles in the RD. At least...
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    How many Haitians are there in the RD?

    I used to see estimates that there were at least a million Haitians post earthquake (at least as defined under court rulings) in the RD. 250k people at least started the residency application process though less than 10% completed it. News reports suggested something on the order of 35k people...
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    Tourist card overstay

    It seemed like there should be a thread just for reports about the status of tourist card overstays...since quite a few long term residents and property owners as well as snowbirds have traditionally stayed under this status without seeking any residency or visa. Here's what the Guzman-Ariza...
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    Website spanish translation

    There was already a useful thread about software outsourcing, LA. What about just translation of an English website to Spanish? I would think web development companies would be best but the job would mostly require a native Spanish speaker who is familiar with the nomenclature on websites so the...
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    Drugs, arms and charcoal

    Just saw the news item on the dr1 front page about interdiction of smugglers of drugs arms and charcoal. I guessed that the charcoal item was an environmental issue so Im posting here. Any idea what that's about?
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    Walk in rates at AI's?

    I recall hearing that Dominicans and informed expat residents could get cheap walk-in rates at the AIs if they had space available (and they usually did). I recall being at a North coast AI that got a lot of Dominican business on weekends - but i never inquired about the details. Is there any...
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    Text messaging short codes

    Is there any equivalent in the DR yet of text messaging short codes, the 5 or 6 digit (in th US) shorter addresses used for marketing campaigns/fundraising/information - like "Text INFO to 555888 for full information on this real estate listing" or "Text GIVE to 20202 to send $5 to Haiti...
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    Windshield repair business status?

    A question for residents, as I never paid attention on vacation. What's the windshield repair business like in the DR? You know, the business of fixing stone strikes and chips before the cracks spread and the whole windshield has to be replaced. Does comprehensive auto insurance in the DR...
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    Decent Hotels in Samana

    I'm just doing some early planning for making it to Samana for Whale watching next season and I might make a run to the area sooner to check out other sights. I'd be traveling on Caribe Tours from SD and I'm having some difficulty finding an ordinary non-resort-AI hotel. I'm thinking of a $35...
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    Direct connections DR to CR or DR to Colombia?

    Are there direct flights to CR or Columbia from the DR? Does someone with a Dominican passport need a visa in advance? Sorry, not quite on topic, but the comments made me wonder about how difficult or expensive travel was.
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    Spanish classes in BC?

    Anyone know of Spanish classes or tutoring in the BC area? I'm a beginner with a few hundred word vocabulary and very limited grammar. I'd like to take classes or do tutoring for a few hours a day for 10 days in February. TIA
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    Location of Casa Linda style RE development?

    I've rented at Casa Linda outside of Sosua before and I noticed rentals on the web at a development closer to town with the same models. I've seen a map of the layout and directions that it's across the highway from Sosua but I haven't come across a map showing exactly where it is. Any info or...
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    Luggage security on the bus

    I've traveled by Caribe tours before and it worked out fine, but I had some concern about suitcases stowed under the bus. There didn't seem to be any luggage check system (unlike SD's airport which seems much stricter about this than most airports) and lots of stops. There didn't seem to be...
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    Taxi hire for the day

    When I was in Sosua a couple of months ago I ended up taking a taxi to Puerto Plata in a hurry to catch a fishing boat that had failed to pick me up. The taxi I got I happened to notice had been sitting there all day without a single fare. On the trip I asked the driver how much he would charge...
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    Whale watch tour from Sosua?

    Whats the easiest way to do a whale watch tour if staying in sosua? The tour companies I've seen on line Mel, Iguana Mama,.. don't offer any package. The caribe tour bus to samana seems to have been canceled. Travel time to samana by gua gua seems to require doing it overnight. Is there any way...
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    Making Useful Dominican Contacts

    Hola, This is my first post but I'm a long time lurker. One question I've meant to ask for some time is how you've gone about making useful dominican contacts. It's a frequent theme that someone benefits from having contacts in the police, military, government ... etc. It would seem to be...