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    Welcome! Hope you find what your looking for.
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    Annoying Dominican Habits

    ....and then checking that you still have your wallet
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    Airbnb/VRBO short term rentals pushing up longer term rental prices ?

    My upcoming trip in February that I booked in November was pretty much identical in price to last years stay. I always book with a superhost and avoid pricey cleaning fees etc via Airbnb. To try and avoid the dogs and music, I elected to stay in Perla Marina this year. For sixty days it worked...
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    Best Chicken Wings in the DR

    I agree. At times I nail down a favorite and the next time I go, it is not the same at all. Going to dine out can be iffy.
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    Annoying Dominican Habits

    I now know why all the tips of my steak knives, were missing or bent at the last airbnb I stayed at.
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    Is Kissing and Public Displays of affection really Illegal

    Perhaps that is best practiced in any country.
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    I worked for a couple of Cdn charters in my younger years. Not a pilot, just a cabin crew member. In most cases new airlines will spend the dough and hire senior pilots to take the left seat and train the new hires. Check flights, and simulator training. In a new airline the hiring...
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    Hello to all.

    I am introducing myself although I became a member last year. I am a vacationer who comes for a month or two, for the last four years. I usually stay in the hills of Sosua close to the museo but this year opted to stay in Perla Marina hoping for somewhat of a quieter stay. I received help from...
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    Suspect deranged man arrested for death of 29-year old on Av. 27 de Febrero

    Yep, I would have to agree with NanSanPedro. Bumpy Read there.
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    Problems at Banco Santa Cruz

    Bad Luck Chico Bill. When I rèturned home to Canada last year from the DR, I received a call that my purchase at Supermercado was denied. Problem there was I was home three days and the transaction was the day of the call. WTF! Anyhoo, the long and short of it was a card reader on atm at BSC...
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    Bank of Santa Cruz.

    Hi Cavok. Yes I did! Perhaps I should have been clearer, but fraudulent charges didn't appear after I had been home a week! I will always bring cards for emergencies, but will just use cash for spending money now on. I don't know how to identify a card reader installed on a ATM, scanning the...
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    Bank of Santa Cruz.

    After arriving back in Canada, been back around a week, I obviously fell prey to a card reader at Bank of Santa Cruz Pedro Clisante 25 ATM. Mega attempts to use my card info at grocery stores, liquor stores etc. All failed so I'm not out anything. Just a heads up to be wary and bring cash only...
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    PCR Test in Sosúa, Cabarete or Puerto Plata

    Thankyou for your help. It is much appreciated
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    PCR Test in Sosúa, Cabarete or Puerto Plata

    Hello and Help!! In order to enter Canada I need a negative PCR test. Have any Canadians traveling in the next 72 hours found a clinic that have these PCR tests available. I am scheduled to fly Tuesday at 1530 hrs. Saturday and Monday are my days to do this. Any help or advice is greatly...