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    Where can we watch Olympic Men hockey tournament especially Canada and USA

    Anybody knows where we can watch the hockey games that start on the 12th. Especially men s hockey game.
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    roller hockey league

    If anybody is interested (male or female) in playing weekly roller hockey. So all you would need is a pair of rollerblade and hockey stick. If enough person are interested we could get a bunch of stick down by the next guy who travels to Canada or the USA. In any case it would a no contact...
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    San Cristobal Night Life

    3 or 4 guys wanted to go out in San Crist?bal next Friday. Looking for advice about the night life in that city. So any comments or advice are welcome.
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    Does anybody know where cashews are processed

    I see all the cashews that are sold on the Street, does anybody who is processing these and where.
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    Looking to hire somebody with a portable sound systemwith music for tomorrow

    I am looking to hire somebody with a portable sound system for tomorrow SATURDAY for a Christmas Party. If interested call me Jean at 849-214-4870
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    accountant needed

    Accountant needed for Santo Domingo, applicant most speak English or French and Spanish. He must have very good knowledge of all aspects of the Dominican Tax systems. Computer literate, positive and problem solver. Please email your interest to attn Jean Gagnon. Candidate...
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    Canadian hockey game tonight

    I am a Canadian that wants to know if anybody knows where I could see the hockey game tonight in Santo Domingo or near Santo Domingo. Thanks Jean