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    I have a few questions about getting an MRI done either at CMC in Sosua or if it is in my best interest to go to Santiago I have no problem with that either. Questions are: Is CMC okay for having an MRI done,I have read so many horror stories about CMC Do I need a referral from a doctor? Do I...
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    Help needed with Claro data usage

    Help! I bought a Claro mobile hotspot with 5 GB’s of data. I use an IMac desktop computer and an IPhone. Within 24 hours all of my data was used up, I went back to the Claro store and he told me that I must be watching a lot of videos or playing games,I did neither. I am pretty certain that it...
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    business center/internet cafe

    I need to print a document,sign it,scan it and then email it to someone. Where in Sosua can I pay to do this? Alternatively,where in Sosua can I buy a printer scanner? I know I can go to Puerto Plata and buy one at La Sirena but I really don't want to go there if at all possible. 
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    Ironwork on Dominican Homes

    You are comparing an entire country to a specific area of a country,an unfair comparison. I love living in the DR but to say that it is as safe or safer than either the U.S. or Canada in general s ridiculous IMHO. I have traveled through most of the U.S. and visited a few places in Canada and I...
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    Does anyone know if the drug Januvia (sitagliptin) is readily available in the DR? My doctor here in the U.S. just prescribed it to me and I am heading back down to Sosua soon for a 9 month stay and I am concerned that I will not be able to get it there. Thanks.
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    Does anyone know of a dermatologist in Sosua or Puerto Plata? Thank you in advance.
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    Driving and buying a car

    I am a new poster,long time lurker,lol,and have a few questions concerning buying a car. I have been coming to the DR for ten years on short trips of a week or two,last year rented an apartment for five months,was in the DR off and on and this year I plan on spending six months continuously. I...