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    Where to find gas powered power washer

    My pressure washer broke the other day (seems they last about two years here) and where to buy another. Does La Sierna or Jumbo carry them?? There expensive in the Sosua/Cabarete area. thanks, singletravel
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    Need a hotel room for the 30th in Santo Dominngo

    Seems all major hotels are closed??? I'm leaving (hopefully) the 31 from sdq tp Puerto Rico (jet blue ferry flight) but would like to be there Sat night, any ideas what is open?? Thanks, singletravel
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    Where is the diet Pepsi???

    For the last two weeks diet Pepsi has disappeared on the North Coast. I know, who cares, but its my one addiction (well might be another or two) and with the heat its a bummer .... Playero, Super Pola, and all the markets, nada :-( Anyone have an idea why??? I also noticed all diet drinks...
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    Altice, I didn't know and more

    Left yesterday from pop, lady took my 2500 overstay fine and said "Te veo pronto" and smiled. Guys there is a difference between a "tourist overstay" and "visa overstay" which continuously gets confused here. The tourist overstay is a gold mine for the DR, it like taking money from a blind man...
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    Just back from Haiti, trip report .....

    Some friends invited me on a trip to Haiti and I figured why not. I expected he worse and was not disappointed, but lets start. I decided to fly to Port Au Prince (bus is all day thing) and fly out of La Isabelle airport (small airport in Santo Domingo). I traveled with a good friend and 45...
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    Pool Heater

    My pool heater broke and I'm looking for a: 100,000 BTU Propane Gas Pool Heater I know there are some in the big home supply centers in Santiago, has anyone seen any and the prices?? Or does anyone know where to buy one on the North coast??  Yes, I know I can buy one in the USA and have...
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    Charter flight from POP to Port Au Prince?

    Some friends and I (2-3) are thinking of flying to Port Au Prince from POP on the first week of November and maybe chartering a small plane to take us. Has anyone done this before??  Curious of prices and does anyone have contacts with a company or individual  who can do this?   The owner of...
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    Is this a new flight to POP??

    Updated 1h 28m ago FLL POP Fort Lauderdale · Tue, July 25 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic · Tue, July 25 Departed Terminal Gate Arrived Terminal Gate 5:55 am - - 7:45 am - - Scheduled departure 1:30 am Scheduled arrival 7:21 am
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    Back to the DR .....

    Welcome back to the DR Just returned from a month back home. Landed at POP and two planes landed at once (a rarity  at POP). Long lines and 5 minutes to get to the booth. Walked up to immigration booth and he says this form  for locals (they handed it out on the plane for gringos?). He says, “...
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    Drowning in Cabarete

    Was on the beach yesterday, and their was a drowning around 3:00 PM. A couple swam out to far, the girl (foreigners) got back but her boyfriend disappeared. He just arrived (was from Hungary, from what I understand). The beach was in a little chaos but I left at 5:30 and still no body. The...
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    If you use CMC please read this .....

    Just before I left for home for the holidays I had a blood work up at CMC. I had a bad cough and it was two years so I thought was a good idea. I have a history of bad cholesterol and the result were great (as the year before at CMC). Back home it was time for a physical and my doctor wanted his...
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    Holy ****

    The beach club at SeaHorse Ranch just burnt to the ground .... How do I post a photo???
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    Appliance repair in Sosua/Cabarete

    Had a large power spike today and now a few things won't turn on that weren't protected (microwave, toaster/oven/ and some speakers). What's the best place to attempt to have them repaired before I buy new. Thanks! singletravel
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    And now some nice words about Sosua :-)

    Think Sosua is getting over done here, but let me add to the clutter. Just read this and did put a smile on my face. But I think the point is THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE HERE. A quaint, natural, fun, safe, Caribbean beach village that has something for all. Travel agents can sell of...
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    Flights to Cuba from POP

    I amuse myself looking at the arrivals and departures of pop with flightstats (there are some interesting flights, never new Air Berlin flies here and some others). But for the last few days I've seen this: (VRA) Varadero (CEY) Air Century 166 Scheduled Is this a schedule flight or a charter...
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    Wonder what they say is Steve cook announced a new apple plant in Puerto Plata, jijij

    Protest march also against abortion and moral decline The actions against the Ambassador James Wally Brewster of the United States continued Wednesday with a protest march through the streets of Puerto Plata. But it was not only a protest against the presence of the ambassador of the US who...
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    A legend has passed away ....

    I was told ?Bill Kirkman? dies yesterday. He was a creator and envisionaire of the North Coast. Besides creating SeaHorse Ranch he was also the U.S ambassador to the North Coast for a time. He helped me greatly (even wrote a letter for my gf to visit the U.S) and was a wonderful and kind man...
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    13 naughtiest hotels in the world, and # 1 is ..... Sure not good PR for Sosua, but it is what it is. But to be honest its sorta ugly every time I drive down that street and see the line-up on the street waiting for the guests to leave :-( singletravel
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    Where to get TV fixed in Sosua/Cabarete area

    Had a spike last night, woke up with my tv on, turned it off and won't turn on again. The only TV with no ups (back them ALL up). Think its a simple fix, but where?? Suggestions ??? Thanks in advance, singletravel
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    A legend has died ....

    A legend has died -( Anyone who have lived here on the North coast for years probably has run in Puerto Plata Billy now and then?? He lived in Puerto Plata for many years and was, well, beyond reproach, trustworthy, stubborn (oh my) an amazing cook and a great freind. I learned so much from him...