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    line ups at Claro in POP

    I went by Claro in POP the other day to get a new sim card. The line up at 9:30 was out the door and looked insane. Frustrating, as since I suspended my phone number when I lost the sim card, I can only get a new one at the main office in POP. Does anyone have recommendations for a time when...
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    The W Cabarete

    From the website it looks like a great property I wonder if it's still a go after corona?
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    home break in

    After 15 years living here, I finally got robbed. They broke into my house, went through everything, took my computer. Fortunately I was not home so their frustration in not finding anything of value was not taken out on me. (the computer was a low end refurbished one, purchased for $175)...
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    Regulating AirBnB

    A friend was at a tourism meeting and apparently there is talk of regulating AirBnB. I know the AirBnB owners are going to be all up in arms and go off because they have had a free for all for so long that they think it's the norm - but it may level the playing field somewhat with the hotels...
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    Citizenship Oath Ceremony

    I made the mistake of taking the milk run bus back to the NC so I thought I would write out the naturalization ceremony for anyone who's taking it in the future. After you clear the Interpol hurtle and the presidential decree, you're approved for naturalization (citizenship). You book a time...
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    POP airport and the conspiracy

    It's no secret that Cabarete's (and the north coast) tourism is not what it once was. Over the last decade there's been a string of theories as to why. The latest one that I'm hearing from business owners is that POP airport is the most expensive airport in the DR, which is why the airlines...
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    naturalization ceremony

    Has anyone attended the naturalization ceremony recently? What should I expect? Standard dress code - or do I need a jacket and tie? Thanks in advance, going at the end of February if anyone else it. Looking forward to it, it's been a lot time coming.
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    Camping Playa Fronton

    Was thinking about camping at Playa Fronton. From reading posts and blogs online, it's a great place to see the sun rise. Can anyone recommend a guide to hike in ? Thanks in advance!
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    Ferry from Samana to Sabana de la Mar

    Does anyone know if 'el bote' is operational?\ Thanks in advance
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    Anyone know when Claro Fibra will expand beyond Sea Horse?

    So many of us are waiting for faster internet!
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    Shipping from China

    Does anyone have a reliable shipper for cargo from China ? I'm after some farm equipment, and will need it shipped and customs cleared. Thanks in advance
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    Eye Ear Throat Doctor

    I'm looking for a good Ear Doctor on the North Coast or in Santiago. I have an ear infection, and I'm on antibiotics and the Cortizone drops from a local Doctor - but it doesn't seem to be getting better. It's been 48 hours and my ear is still ringing and very painful... Thanks in advance
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    Bani Mango Expo -

    Is the Mago expo worth visiting as someone who just wants to feast of mangos, or is it more for commercial purposes? Has anyone been that can give me insight? ExpoMango - "Ban: Capital del Mango" - Repblica Dominicana Thanks in advance
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    Permanent Residency Renewal

    I'm trying to find out the latest with the permanent residency renewal. There's tons of posts, but the system seems to be changing. This will be my first renewal of the permanent residency (after 2 years of permanent). My questions 1) Medical exam - is it still in the trailer out back? 2) Is...
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    Advice for selling a house

    I'm considering selling my house, and want to get an opinion on how to best do it. A bit about the house: Dislindered. Beachfront. Between Kite Beach and Encuentro, in Cabarete. Never had a problem with title or security. Reason for selling - don't use it as much as I used to. Things...
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    Grolsh beer - where can I find some!

    Has anyone seen Grolsh bottles of beer for sale in bottles in Sosoua / Cabarete / Puerto Plata? Thanks in advance
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    Paraffin Wax

    Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product created when crude oil is refined into gasoline. It is a white, odorless solid that is formed into 10 lb. slabs. Paraffin is the most commonly used wax for candle making - for those who want to know. What I want to know is anyone knows where can I buy bulk...
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    Aquaponics in Cabarete

    Anyone interested in Aquaponics - which is the combination of growing food in water and fish farming - is welcome to come and see a demonstration of how it works at the eXtreme hotel on Kite Beach, Cabarete. It's pretty cool to see, and there are a variety of examples made using all local and...
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    I know it's out there, somewhere, on the island. I'm looking for some Duckweed to feed fish - any help is most appreciated.
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    New 60 day tourist cards in effect?

    I came in here late August, and I'm wondering if the new 60 day tourist cards are in effect, or if it's still 30 days. I'm leaving early October, but should be gone before 60 days but over the 30. The card itself at the airport was the exact same as before. Thanks!