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    Need English speaking Dentist Cabarete or nearby

    I searched the forum here and all recommendations were at least 5 years old. I called the numbers listed and none answered. OK, now, can anybody give me 2012 recommendation of a good dentist in the Cabarete/Puerto Plata/Sosua area. Thanks.
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    Medical Services in Puerto Rico

    I'm a newbie to DR, as of August 15, and am just starting to receive Medicare...ah, the joys of turning 65. I just discovered that we Medicare recipients can receive Medicare care in Puerto Rico. Has anyone here done so?
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    Best flight options from Chicago in August

    Hi, I will be making my first trip to DR in August, flying out of Chicago. Although I plan to spend most of my time in the north (from Santiago to North Coast), I am open to flying into whichever airport gets me the best price. Plan to spend about two weeks to check out DR for extended stay in...
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    Petanque players, courts, etc in DR?

    Hi folks, I'm coming to DR for the first time in February and am hoping to find some mad keen Petanque players. Will I find any there? If so, I will bring my boules. Thanks