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    Power lines - Who is responsible??

    I have an issue with the line that runs from the High Tension line at the road, to a transformer located on my property. The Transformer provides power for 10 properties via individual meters/contadors. There is an issue with the line between the road and the transformer. My understanding was...
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    SD-Samana Toll Road : Protests 3rd & 4th Feb?
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    Residency Renewal - Husband and wife

    Hi, I am in the process of filling in the forms online but have a question. Do I upload both sets of documents in one application or will it ask for my wides stuff seperately? Cheers
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    Phase II inversor question - Does it need batteries to turn on?

    Ok that question is not quite as daft as it sounds. I have a Phase II inversor, has sat and done its thing happily for years. This week a batter has died in that the pole has melted out of the top of the battery! I discovered this when I came home to no power in the house at all and the...
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    British Driving license holder - getting a Dominican License

    Hi, I am sure I have seen the answer here before but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know the process for getting a Dominican Driving license for a British license holder? I seem to remember you get a 'legal copy' from the embassy in Santo Domingo, then just go to an office in SD or can...
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    Employer changing salary and hours with little notice

    Hi, What feels like a stupid question regarding changes in hours and salary by an employer. After working a company for over 12 months, with a set pattern of hours and salary for the last 3, an employer has announced a change in hours and salary. They are trying to add two working days to the...
  7. D - Codigo Personal

    Ok folks, how can I reset the personal PIN on my sky TV? Forgotten the code, must be getting old.
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    A query about the '10% service charge'

    Hi,  I understand a business in the DR has to share 10% of profit with employees, and also charge ITBIS for the taxman. I am confused about the 10% service charge for restaurants.  How does this have to be distributed to staff and is it shared equally them all or can the proportions vary?
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    Looking for a vehicle

    Hi, I am looking for a vehicle, preferably part time 4 wheel drive and preferably close to Las Terrenas. Budget is low, around the US$6k mark. If anybody knows of anything, PM me please. Cheers Roy
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    Paypal to Banco Popular transfer - How long should it take??

    Well the question is pretty much in the title. After I press ok, how long are we talking? Seconds, minutes, hours, hours, days..... Cheers Roy
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    Looking for a cheap jeep type vehicle

    Hi, Anyone know of a cheap jeep type vehicle up for sale? Suzuki SJ410/413 would be fine. PM me if you do. Cheers Roy
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    Is a medical required for renewal of temporary residency?

    Is a medical required for renewal of temporary residency or is it just paperwork? Thanks Roy
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    Looking for 2 x 250w Solar panels

    Hi, Any recommendations on where I can get 2 x 250w solar panels in or around Las Terrenas please? Cheers Roy
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    Anybody have an recommendations for where I could get a Jacuzzi in the LR area? By get I mean buy not just go use cheers, Roy
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    Phase II Inverter : 3.6kw : Help please!

    Hi, Does anyone know the what the various settings on the 'charge cap' selector on a phase II inverter? Due to an unfortunate cock up on my part, the manual is unreadable :-( Thanks Roy
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    Orange and red propane cylinders

    What's the difference (apart from the color) between the yellow and red propane cylinders? Yellow ones have tropigas on them but I don't see any other difference. Cheers Roy
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    Dentist in LT

    Hi all, Any recommendations for a dentist in LT for a filling? Cheers Roy
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    Solar panels - excess power to the grid

    Hi, If I put an on grid solar system in, i.e. panels and a box to connect them to the local grid (no batteries), how does the crediting back for units generated against those used work? Ta Roy
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    Inverters - Experiences please

    Hi, I am considering adding an Invertor to the house electrics to deal with those pesky blackouts that have become more frequent here in LT. Seems I can easily get units made by: - Phase II - YKAN - Tracer Has anyone any experience, good or bad of these and any recommendations? At the...
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    SiroMas points - How do you claim them????

    OK, so how do you redeem them, when do you need to redeem for them and how much are they worth when you do? Ta Muchly Roy