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    Bugs in the rice

    Getting one...thanks for the info!!!
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    Police raided the Li'l League field today

    Little off topic I know..but I have nephews that play travel ball in NJ (they are with some baseball academy) and so far everything is good.
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    Lindsay de Feliz Award

    What an honor....miss Lindsay very much here on DR1. Especially her recipes and her knowledge of living here in the DR.
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    Dominican Music

    My MIL passed away recently. These songs remind me of riding in the car with her...Raulin, Luis Vargas, Anthony Santos, etc....We always listened to the "oldies but goodies". Lots of good memories these songs....
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    New Words From Meemselle

    I look forward to your writing / stories.....
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    Covid questions for Sosua and Cabarete area

    Thank you Harley for sharing your experience. Best to you and your wife.
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Unfortunately it is very spouse had some family members travel back to SDQ and basically described exactly what is in the photo. Maybe certain days are worse than others. One of the reasons my going back is on hold and spouse is still deciding. He was anxious to get back but then...
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    Cultural question related to social status

    I know many Dominicans who could care less about social standing, etc... They work hard, buy what they can afford and put away for tomorrow. Then there is the other side. Spend/borrow every last dime to impress whomever. Their mindset is on today only not the future. This does happen in any...
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    JetBlue leads the restart of flights to the Dominican Republic

    Traveling at this time IMO is a personal decision, what your comfort level is. While one may not agree with what officials (government, health, etc..) are saying we still need to be mindful of the situation. Taking responsibility for yourself (mask, hand washing, etc...) is also showing...
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    DR is definitely open , I arrived today on a flight from JFK to Santiago

    Thank you, this is what some of us are looking for... your travel experience.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Thank you, this is the type of info that is important to those of us looking to travel.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Some of us would like some "real time" experience now that the borders are "open". There are those of us who would like some "boots on ground" type of info.
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    Expats...Why did you become a resident or a citizen of the DR?

    I got DR citizenship back when it was a relatively simple process due to being married to a DR citizen. In my mind I just thought since we would be living in the DR it would make things/processes a bit more easier. The political side of having citizenship really was not a factor. To be honest I...
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Spouse had a conversation with some friends in NYC, 2 of whom are connected to the DR Consulate. Was told July is highly unlikely, more like Aug or Sept. But there are so many "rumors" flying around who knows. I even doubt at times the DR government knows from one day to the next. We all know...
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    As I have said in other posts, I am a DR citizen. We have been waiting for some type of update on flights.etc… Right now I am looking towards late Sept early Oct coming back. At that this point nothing is clear (government, etc..). IMHO why go from one bad situation (here in USA) to another (DR).
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    Is 1 July the official date for reopening the tourism industry?

    Not so easy unfortunately where we are in the Western USA. Testing sites are hit or miss on availability/ location and have a limited number of tests. I will assume that as time goes on it will get easier. Should add that we are hoping to be back in DR in early August. Although I as well as...
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    Off Topic Forum

    Still no, but I am sure in time it will appear...
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    And your point is? Be like you? MODS Please..those of us out of the country (DR) do look daily at these posts to get an idea of the situation. Especially those that have lived there for over 22+ years and are currently stuck in the USA. El Rey get over yourself...your not that important.
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    Off Topic Forum

    As others I also can not find nor access the OT.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Really, grow up. Why the constant insults. Please there are some of us that appreciate this information. If you truly have nothing to contribute in a positive manner, then go away.