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    Legal fees for Divorse

    Great Day to all my fellow DR1rs. I have been asked by several laywers in Santiago what are Expact paying for a divorse to Dominican Lawyers. 2 Expact getting divorse here. Expact divoring Dominican. I belive the laywers are looking to stablish a fee that would be reasonalbe... a little market...
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    Trier 1 Tech Support

    Riverland SRL American owned and Operated back-office support company is needing Experience technical support specialist for immediate openings in Santiago Office. We are a payment processing company with over 10 years in the Banking Industry. We have recently open our first Office in Dominican...
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    Bilingual Schools in Santiago

    Hope this thread find all that are reading it in good health and spirit. As many of of the member in this Forum , I try my best to post on topics that i have a positive feedback to offer people interested in my home country. My wife and I relocated to the Dominican Republic with Kids attending...
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    Telemarketing b2b Supervisor Oportunity

    Buenas to all Grupo Opus Gamma Inc , Santiago office is in need of a full time Day Shift Supervisor. The Successful Supervisor must have experience in Business to Business and managing a sales staff. This is boiler room type outbound call. Our target are small and mid size business in the US...
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    Green Lifestyle in Santiago

    Buenas Tardes to all I have been working my butt off to get my employees to buy into my thoery of low impact on santiaog eco system.. I have givne thme the oportunity to work form home and to participate on a project that i have begna myself with my family. Familia Ortiz Lagos Has cut down it...
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    Grupo Opus Gamma and Red Cross Dominicana

    DR! Grupo Opus Gamma is working closely with Cruz Roja Dominana to help raise donation of water bottle, food cans, medical supplies and crowd control accessories.. Please visit your local cruz roja and take as much as you can if every home donate3 bottles of waters we will have been able to...
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    need a young K( for family protection

    Buenas Noches DR1 as usual I ask my fellow board member for help with anything DR related.. My 2yearold pitbull disappear from our backyard...(2weeks now) I have search the neighborhood and nada.....Now Mia Karina is asking for a new pupy anyone have a new litter that needs a new home.... we...
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    ATM's down in Santiago north side!

    Good mornign to all. i just came form the Jumbo , hwnere my Debit card was decline. After a long conversatio nwit he custoemr service agnet at the supermarket. I headed to the atm machones sicne i knew it was not due to lack of funds. To my surprise Popular atm in colinas mall are down, also...
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    Baldera kidnaping in Nagua?

    Bueas a Todos DR1 members. first my deepest sympathy a best wishes to Eduardo Baldera and his family. I dont believe that kidnapping is something any person, family or state should ever face its just flat out cruel. My concern with this case is the media that has follow it. It has been said in...
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    looking for female meat rabbits

    buenos dias dr1 i ma looking into setting up a small scale rabbit farm.. any knows a place i nthe Santiago region where i cna get a couple of pure bread California rabbits? gracias Albin
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    Juan Pablo II Bilingual School

    good morning to all Does any one have anything to say about Juan PabloII bilingual school in Urbanization El Eljecutivo in Santiago. My wife is considering putting Mia in that school and I ma kind of not so sold on the idea since its a new school. HB and Others what you think. Mia is 4years...
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    looking to do business in the DR how about thi?

    Hi all we are looking at setting up 2 stores in the Santiago and North coast. If you fell like your need to be involve in the fashion industry this might be the ideal opportunity for you.. please take a look at our page and drop me a line so i can answer questions...We will be accepting proposal...
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    Hotel Websites for San Francisco de Macoris

    Hello DR1 ill be attending a wedding reception this Saturday and would like to get 2 rooms for the weekend in San Francisco de Macoris.. any suggestion?
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    tourist tours of our fabrica.

    I does is any one interest in doing a tour of our factory in zona franca next time around Arcadio Diaz Ill be more than happy to show people our process and how the free trade zone works in Santiago... any one wants in? Albin
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    giftshops owners?

    Hi Dr1 I was wondering if we have any gift shops owners on our members list? if we do please lets share info regards Albin
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    DR-Fashion Week Invitation

    Hi guys as some of you may know our family company will be participating in DR-fashion Week this Saturday 6th of June the event will be at 8:30pm RDFW // Nuestro pais esta de moda... their is a cover charge of $500PP a bencefico de la Fundacion ADEOMA i have 4 Invitations to the first to...
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    University at Buffalo Alumni?

    Hi DR1 members I was wondering if we have any UB Alumni.. i would like to form a DR chapter of our UB Alumni association but we need to have a minimum number of members to get support form SUNY. Albin class of 02
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    mortgage profesional?

    Hi DR1 i was wondering if we have any mortgage professions among us. I am lookign to set up a mortgage network. please contact me if your interested Regards Albin A. Ortiz CEO/Founder Grupo Opus Gamma Inc Ask me about ?on demand low cost, b2b new business developers?
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    Chopos and other Dominicanisms

    I have been pushing for us adults in this forum to stop usign the terms chopos, domyorks and many other terms that are offensive to some of us.. can the mod help with this also..or am i in the minority that thinks this way.. Ps great job so far.. please help me out if possible. Heck even if...
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    Dr1 pond club

    First let see if its oke y with Robert If we cna do a DR! Pond club for those of us the have ponds, fresh water tanks or Marine tanks that would like to share info, plants, fish and any other source of stuff. I notce here in Santiaog that this culture is growing Robert Acuario moved to a bigger...