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    Ticket to Europe

    I need some advice about changing name on the ticket at the airport. For urgent family reasons I should go asap and I only have my ticket to Francfort at 11. May by CONDOR , return 12. June. Anyone knows is it possible to change and if it is , could anyone want to change with me or by my...
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    Help for using cacao

    We collected yesterday more than 30 fruits of cacao and should need some advice how to handle with them. Last time we tried to dry those seeds in the sun but it takes a lot of time and finally almost dried came some sudden shower and moistured them. Is there any use of that white stuff around...
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    Question about sea-salt

    How those having used seasalt in a pool shall solve the lack of salt (not allowed to sell it anymore, at least in colmados). Does anyone know where it is going to be for sale. I know that pellets you can still buy but they are much more expensive .
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    Generator using LPG

    Have anybody of you used that type of generator ? Good or bad on use ? Thinking about the price of gas against gasoil or gasoline it should be something ?
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    Almost one mans work

    Since last December this man has worked in our house making walls of stones and bricks, barbeque, piscina, plenty of stairs, questhouse and a lot of fixing things in our house. He can lay bricks and stones, board up, iron mounting and plastering. He does not speak english, only spanish, but...
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    Treatment for pool-water

    Some time ago I found posts telling something about using solar-ionizator for cleaning pool-water. That was not actual for me at the moment, but now it would be and I did not found any threads. If I remember correctly someone was even offering for sale his extras
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    Does anyone know the process of surveying

    I would like to know how it happens, how much it costs and how long does it take. Are there different types of surveyers and what means their CODIA-number?
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    To build a reservoir of water

    Does anyone of you guys know about the tariff per sq.meter to get a permission to build one watertank ?
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    Someone knows the rules about the shoreline

    Someone told me that it is impossible to put a fence and a closed gate around your lot if that is beyond the riverbench because people need to have a free access to the water. Is that truth? I know that seashore belongs to everyone but which are the limits with rivers or streams peobably not...