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    How to text message the DR

    i've been trying to text message a few friends in the DR but for some reason they are not receiving my messages. I used to be able to message them until rogers took over microcell. I'm now a rogers customer. I have called rogers and they tell me i have to dial +1809 (region code) and the cell...
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    Godmother's gift

    Hi there. I'm going to be my friend's baby's Godmother. Can someone tell me if there is a specific present i should get for the baby? Is there a typical/traditional present that the godmothers give? the babie's parents both live in the Dominican but they are both from Haiti. Any help/suggestions...
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    best and safest way from Bayahibe to Santo Domingo

    Hi i'm going to stay in bayahibe for a week (november 6th to the 13th) and i'm planning a day trip to Santo Domingo. now i don't know what the best way is to get there i want it to be safe of course and sort of quick any advice will be appreciated!