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    New Condo development in Uvero Alto-What do you think

    I have been out of the real estate market for the last 2 years and thinking of getting back into it but this time in Punta Cana. Can I get some feedback on this project please. Looking for reputation of builder, condo association, capital appreciation and whether the price justifies. Thanks...
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    Anyone has info on this affordable community?

    Sosua : Dominican Republic Real Estate : Villa For Sale I have onwed and sold in Casa Linda, owned, built and sold a few in Perla Marina but now I have nowhere to go in the DR. This community seems OK for the rather cheap price. Anyone knows exactly where it is? Does anyone know somebody that...
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    DR1 Real Estate Listings

    There used to be hundreds of DR1 RE listings and now there are less than 40, all the same old listings as before. I was wondering why that is from an honest person? There seems to be more and more listings with the usual channels (ie. Century 21, Coldwell Banker and the likes) but the available...
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    Cabarete on Google Earth

    I think someone posted a link for Cabarete Google Earth. Can someone post it again please. Thanks, Eric Carignan
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    2003 Real Estate Prices.

    When looking for a file last night, I found some notes and listings from when I first bought in the DR in february 2003. For those skeptic ones, see the prices below and how they compare to today's prices. Pretty much doubled and more in about 3 years. -El Neptuno appartments 2 bedroom: $42-44K...
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    Current cost of A/Cs and Invertors please.

    In the final stages of finishing a construction from remote Canada. Here's an estimate I got from my builder, can I get your toughts please. Let me know if I'm missing anything: 4 Airconditioners split (3 X 12K BTU, 1 X 18K BTU) with remote, installation for $3800 USD 1 X 3.6KWh Trace with 8...
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    Land in Perla Marina?

    Anybody knows anyone looking to sell lots in Perla Marina? Please don't send me to realtors, I already know the 3 or 4 they have listed. I'm looking for construction lots within Perla Marina on the North Coast. My second choice would be lots in Playa Encuentro, not oceanfront but ocean side of...
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    New Updates on Mortgages?

    I think it may be wise for those who have tried to set up a new mortgage in the last few months to share bank info and rates in this thread. I have a few people I know in tehe market to buy in the DR and having new information on mortgages would be very informative. Looking for terms, %...
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    New Affordable Punta Cana Development, any feedback?

    Got an email this morning about a new development, it seems interesting as an investor. Last time I was there last year, they were developing the area right before Punta Resort and Golf behind the new shopping mall/bowling alley. Anyone know anything, pls let me know. Check the link attached...
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    New Residencial Hispaniola.

    Has anyone bought or reserved a piece of land in Residencial Hispaniola in Sosua. I ve been there a few times but wondering how fast it will develop. Any insights is appreciated. Thanks, Eric Carignan
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    Good Effective Realtor to Sell your House.

    Hi, I just tought I'd let the prospective sellers know about a realtor that I find excellent and gets results done (ie. really sell your house). Anabela Nogueira from Century 21 has sold 2 of my properties in about 1 month. I have listed with just about everyone but both times, she made the...
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    Experience of Building a House while being away.

    Against most warnings from people on this board and elsewhere, I decided to buy a villa in march 2003. Turned out to be a very good and pleasant experience dealing with professional people and attorney. Also turned out to double my investment in less than 3 yrs. Got lucky?, may be but still a...
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    Current costs of 3.6K Invertor pls.

    How much for a 3.6K with 8 batteries Invertor by Trace and where to get it? Thanks, ecarignan
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    BlueFish Perla Marina newCondos

    Anybody knows pricing and floor plans of the new development of condos called BlueFish Perla Marina. When I was there beginning of october, I went to see it but it was just starting. Any info would be appreciated. Went to C21's web site but didn't find info although they are developing it...
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    OchoA in Santiago

    I have doubts but trying. Does Ocho A in Santiago have a web site where we could choose floor tiles. Not sure about the spelling but it's that bring hardware store in Santiago. I think it's Ocho A or 8A. I chose some tiles on my last trip but apparently, they can only supply for less than half...
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    Best Beach Bar North Coast

    Didn't see one for Best Beach Bar North Coast. My Favorite: El Rocon Where: Between Sosua and Cabarete, just west of Kite Surf Why: One of the nicest view of the ocean, very tipical, no frills bar, nice folks and decent priced beer at 50 pesos. Extra: Free beach chairs all day. Would like to...
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    Current prices on A/C and Invertor

    Hi, In the middle of building a new house. Wondering what the current prices are for 4 A/C for bedrooms with remote. Also price needed for a Trace 3.6KW invertor with battery system. Price in pesos pls. Greatly appreciated. ecarignan
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    Reliable Builder/Contractor Reference pls.

    Looking at the possibility of selling my house in Sosua and building in Perla Marina, Lomas Mironas or ProCab. Need a builder/contractor that is very reliable without having to be there full time. This would be a vacation home and no, I can't take a year off and supervise the construction...
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    Going rate for electricity??

    I am getting charged at 10.22 RD/KWh for my december bill. Is this the going rate or am I getting ripped off. Trying to control costs, which are running much more than before. Thanks for any help. ecarignan
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    Due Diligence check on Hispaniola Construction

    I am potentially getting a second home in the DR (currently have one in Casa LInda)built by Hispaniola Real estate, namely Werner Rinck. I wanted to find out positive and negative comments about the company and his work. Any input would be appreciated. It would be built in either Perla Marina...