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    Moving sale in Santiago

    Fellow members, We will have a moving sale on the 28th of May. There are many items for sale, please check out the Advertisement section of the site. Thank you! The Hun
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    iphone 4g

    Enjoy it! EVO 4G Salesman Confronts An iPhone 4 Shopper | The Hun
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    Magicjack in Santiago?

    I just wonder if magicjacks are sold in Santiago? Let me know, please. Thanks The Hun
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    Appliance Technician

    Fellow Members, I'm looking for a reliable appliance tech in Santiago. I've a Maytag dryer which suddenly stopped working. Help please! Thanks! The Hun
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    Looking for a 2.5-4Kw generator in Santiago

    Fellow Members, I'm looking for a 2.5 - 4 Kw generator, possible Honda or Yamaha, new or used in good condition. I don't need any Chinese brand, but that's what I have seen so far. Thanks, The Hun
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    ATV owners in Santiago

    I just wonder if anyone owns / rides ATVs in Santiago. I'd like to team up with few other guys/gals who likes to ride. There are some beautiful landscape around Santiago and I'd like to know more trails and more people in the ATV community. The Hun
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    A huge explosion in Santiago

    There was a huge explosion in Santiago around 8:42. It seems to come from the Gurabo area, and lighten up the area almost to daylight. I live in Villa Maria, near the HOMS, but the windows where shaking badly. Anyone knows what the hell happened? :surprised The Hun
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    Need help with transportation.

    Fellow Members, I have a friend here who needs to get from Santiago to Punta Cana airport on Saturday by 11:00 AM. I was going to take him there, but now I have some family emergency and I wondered if anyone might need to go there on the same day and have an extra seat. I tried Metro and Caribe...
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    Dent Wizard or similar in the DR

    Fellow Members, Does anyone knows - perhaps used a similar service to what Dent Wizard offers in the US? It's a dent removal on a vehicle whenever the paint is not damaged. The technology was developed in Germany - financed by insurance companies - to repair hail damage with a non-expensive...
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    Need an apartment / studio in Santiago

    Fellow Members, I'm posting this for a friend, who does not speak English. He is moving to Santiago and looking for a small apartment (it can be a studio) for a single person. Furnished preferred, but not necessary. He isn't a tourist, he lives and works here so his budget for the apartment is...
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    Need a commercial place for a repair shop

    Fello DR1 Members, I'm closing/moving my shop due to few legal problems with the owner of the property. Anyway, I'm looking for a commercial place for a repair shop in Santiago or I might consider the north coast- since I have many clients from there . I need about 300 - 350 m2 of enclosed...
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    Wow! Ready for gulash??

    Fellow Members, :bunny: :bunny: I'd like to share my experience with a new Hungarian Restaurant in Sosua. It's a fairly new establishment - abouth a month old. They have of course the most typical hungarian plates, like Gulash, Paprikash, Stew, Hortobagyi stuffed crepes, roast, etc.. The food...
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    For those who plan to buy a car

    Fello DR1 members, I have almost a month more left on my account. If you plan to buy a car that was imported from the US I'll be glad to run a check on it for free. I recently had a customer of mine who where going to buy a nice 2005 Volvo with only 31000 miles in it. When I run a...
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    Low price DIY solar panels?

    I just find this. Did anyone try this with good results? Power 4 Home It would be great if someone could back this up with experience. The Hun
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    Where to find amber?

    Fellow DR1 members, I did not know which forum would be the right one to post this question. Where one could find quality, unmounted amber in a mass production on the lowest price? My friend who's expert on jewelry and suppliers is on vacation in EU and I can't seem to reach her. Any info...
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    Since FTA is down...

    Did anyone try this? Is it working as they promise, or just an other scam?? Here it is: Watch Digital Satellite TV on your PC, Live Laptop tv Online, Free Internet Television, PCTV, WEBTV, PPV Events The Hun
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    Acai berry in DR?

    I just wonder if Acai Berry is available in a natural form in the DR? It suppose to grow in Central and South America. It's a fruit of a palm tree with many healthy benefits. Also, what's the name of it in spanish? Thanks! The Hun
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    Any archer??

    I just wonder if there are any archers here and if they can help. I'm looking for an archery target, preferably "The Cube" style, or any other target that wouldn't destroy carbon arrows and last few thousand shots. Is there any sporting good store here with an archery department. I know there is...
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    Help from Mac users

    Fellow Mac Users, I have updated my MacBook Pro in about a week or so with Apple's recent software update. I don't know if it's a co-incident, but from that time my battery goes down in about an hour. It use to last 3-3.5 hours after a full charge. The temperature of the laptop also seems to be...
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    merchant account for online services

    I'm thinking about to set up an online store targeting DR consumers. It can not be exist without the usual shopping cart and online credit card processing. Here is the problem, when I talked to my CardNet rep (I do take credit cards in my business in a regular way) she said those services are...