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    Anyone ever hear of this place? Packabarrel. They claim you can buy online, through their website, groceries, whatnot, and they'll deliver straight to the recipient's home (in this case, in the DR). It seems a little too easy. Anyone ever use them?
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    Reporting illegal renovations?

    Yes, I realise that's a pretty daft notion here, but... We've been staying next to what I can only describe as "an above average annoying a......" They've converted their residential home to a business - as we know, in any civilised country that would be a big no-no - and are forever putting up...
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    Lamisil spray

    Does anyone know for how much lamisil spray goes around here? Significant other's little nephews have a horrid case of athlete's foot and their parents seem to be rather clueless... I'd like to help them pay for the spray, just that... let's just say they're the kind to ask for more than...
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    Klondike Bar

    It has been so hot around here lately... Do they sell Klondike Bars around here, in the capital? I haven't seen them. :(
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    Tylose, gum tragacanth...

    Where can I find in DR: gum-tex, tylose, gum tragacanth or gum arabic? I've asked around and all I've gotten were 'huh?' and blank stares. Thanks.
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    Wafer paper

    Does anyone know where I could find edible wafer paper? also known as rice paper or hostia? I appreciate any help.
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    Goldfish crackers

    Anyone know where I can buy goldfish crackers in DR?
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    I hope the "3rd time is a charm" works here. Is stevia available in SD? if so, where?
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    Jojoba oil

    Unfortunately my first question has gone unanswered, perhaps this one will get an asnwer. Where can I buy jojoba oil in SD? Is it even available?
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    Witch hazel

    Anyone know where I can buy witch hazel in SD?