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    Dominican Coffee in Canada

    For those who live in Canada and the USA and love Cafe Santo Domingo, there is a 25% off discount for Black Friday with free shipping to Canada and the USA. A box of 16 packages of coffee comes to 110$. The website is
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    Books about DR

    I have a few books about DR and travel, etc. If someone wants them, they can have them for free. I am located in Santo Domingo.
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    Daycare in Santo Domingo

    I am currently living in Santo Domingo (Republica de Colombia) and will be returning to University at the UNPHU. My baby is 6 momths old and we are looking for a good daycare for him. I would prefer something in the Arroyo Hondo area. It will be 4 days per week with some days being only half...
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    Photographer for Baby Pics

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a photographer in Santo Domingo for newborn pictures. Looking for a reasonable price, quality work and someone that works in December. Would also like to have pictures taken of the baby with his grandmother and great-grandmother.
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    Looking for apartment in SD

    I currently live in Punta Cana (for almost 4 years now) and am likely moving to Santo Domingo to attend UNpHu. I am looking for an apartment close to the school. 2 bedrooms, and possibly a service room. The apartment would have to allow pets, as I have 2 dogs and a cat. I have searched around...
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    Anyone flying Halifax or Toronto to Punta Cana in September??

    Hi everyone, I am posting this in the hopes that someone will be flying from Halifax or Toronto to Punta Cana (or a nearby airport) after September 15th. A special needs dog was adopted from the Dominican Republic by a family in Canada, and unfortunately they are no longer able to keep him, and...
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    Collares Rojos

    I just wanted to share some information on an amazing organization. Collares Rojos is based out of Bayahibe, and work diligently in helping control the population of street animals. Not only do they organize spay/neuter clinics, castrating and vaccinating as many as 50 stray animals in a...
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    Special Transportation Santo Domingo to Punta Cana

    I know the question of transportation has been raised several times, however I am wondering if there are any transportation services designed for guests with special needs. I am looking to bring someone from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana (close to the airport) in December. He has had a stroke and...
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    Missing woman - punta cana

    I'm looking for help from anyone in the area. My friend is missing since Friday. She works at Manati park. She left work on Friday evening and hasn't been seen or heard from since. She is Columbian, named Maribel. She was driving a 2002 Honda AccorD licence plate A475745. She has 2 young girls...
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    Shipping a barrel from the USA

    I have searched through the information on the forums, but haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for. I know that it is generally cheaper to have things shipped to you in a barrel. My father would like to send down some household items and things that I need. He lives in Indiana...
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    Puppy in need of a home

    Hi all, A tourist couple found a little black puppy in the ditch. She is about one month old. They named her Verona and are paying for her to have all her shots, deworming, bath, etc. I am helping them look for a new home for her as they cannot take her with them. I will keep her temporarily...
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    Need help with a legal question....

    I am hoping someone can provide me with the contact information for a lawyer or someone with knowledge of what to do in this case. In my previous work position, I submitted all of my documents for residency, along with copies of my medical records, to the human resources department. As part of...
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    in need of advice/suggestions

    I live in Punta Cana, and a friend of mine does too. She supports her mom and dad, grandmother, sister, and special needs nephew in Santo Domingo. Her grandmother just had an accident and needs surgery. She does not have insurance and is in her 90's. The family has put together all of the money...
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    cute chihuahua needs a new home

    My friend is giving up her chihuahua. She lives in Punta Cana. The dog is a barker and she doesn't know how to teach her not to bark. She is planning on sending the dog to a farm, but I thought I would put a note on here first to see if anyone wants her. She is very cute, but is a barker and...
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    looking for a dog-lover

    I live in Punta Cana and am looking to hire someone to work for me. I travel between PC and the US, and have a 1 year old dog. I'm looking for someone interested in living in Punta Cana (in their own area of the house with a bedroom and bathroom). They will be responsible for taking care of the...
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    Anyone shipping a container from Canada?

    I am from Canada and living in the DR. Just wondering if anyone plans to ship a container from Canada in the next little while? I don't want to ship a full container for myself (it wouldn't be worth it). I only have a few items I cwould like to have shipped: a bed, dresser, desk, flat-screen tv...
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    where can I buy childrens English books???

    I am going to be teaching an ESL class to some children this summer (approximately 30kids) and I am wondering if there is anywhere that I can get some English childrens books for a very low price. I do not have a lot of money to spend, but I really want to make this course special for the kids...
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    Need a home for a dog by the end of today!

    I live in Punta Cana and there has been a 'vida lata' that lives around here and is friends with my dog. He is about 9 months old and is black and white (very healthy and shiny fur) and he is a healthy weight ( i feed him daily). I cannot keep him because I already have one dog and I do not have...
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    anyone traveling from toronto/hamilton to punta cana???

    I am hoping to find someone that is travelling from toronto or hamilton ontario to punta cana. I currently live in punta cana and have found a family that is due to have a baby in april/may and they have nothing. They make very little money and are not able to purchase the things they will need...
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    Has anyone worked for PUNTACANA International School

    Just wondering if anyone currently works for PUNTACANA International School, or has worked for them in the past. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!