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    Unemployment / Workers Liquidation

    The document itself says that these calculations have been made upon information from the interested party, and that they're not imposable to the other party or to the judge, so this sum is like a guideline. People often would rather negotiate to avoid the hassle of going to court.
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    Unemployment / Workers Liquidation

    I don't think that matters
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    Unemployment / Workers Liquidation

    Your agreement is like an oral contract, which is also binding.
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    Happy Birthday Chirimoya!

    ¡Feliz Cumple!🙂
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    Canada VAC in Santo Domingo Reopens

    VFS Global, the Canada Visa Application Center in Santo Domingo, has resumed its services today, and will remain on a reduced schedule until further notice: Monday – Wednesday (only three working days): 09:00 – 13:00 More info:
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    Help, my hair feels like scrub brush...

    Mix injectable B Complex with any treatment. It makes hair softer.
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    Why can't the Dominican Republic be the solution to the crisis in Haiti?

    Jus Sanguinis has been in the Dominican Constitution for ages. Ironically, It is also on the Haitian Constitution. So, whatever law you mention didn't establish it. What it basically did was to establish a more outlined defition of "people in transit", a course of action to follow on...
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    Why can't the Dominican Republic be the solution to the crisis in Haiti?

    Haiti was founded as a black republic. Its own constitution also limited the rights of white people. For instance, stating that white men couldn't own property in the country.
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    B1/B2 US Visa - ?

    Yes, they're closed.
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    B1/B2 US Visa - ?

    They're mostly working with renewals.
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    Domestic violence in DR

    She should get the bruising documented and go to the fiscalia.
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    Shipping locally

    I've been using Caribe Pack for years to send and receive all sort of things, from passports to electronics. No issues, so far.
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    Marlin Martinez released from jail; she had been convicted in the murder of a pregnant teenager

    This has nothing to do with the new government. This is an old case, and it's just what had to be done according to the existing laws.
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    Passport Question

    You can renew within a year before the expiration date.
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    la moto o el moto

    These are both correct: •La moto •El motor Maybe the person thought you were saying "La motor".
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    RD Social Security

    The employer doesn't receive any funds. FASE makes the deposit directly into the employee's account. Take what your friend says with a grain of salt.
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    Spain to Waive Visa Fees for Those Who couldn't use their Schengen Visas

    BLS Global, the Vsa Application Center for Spain in the DR, has announced that those who were unable to use their Shengen visas due to the pandemic, will have the fees waived if they wish to reapply. This was posted on their website : NOTICE For...
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    Sending Docs to Punta Cana

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    Sending Docs to Punta Cana

    Good to know.
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    Sending Docs to Punta Cana

    Santo Domingo-Punta Cana