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    Cana Rock /Titles for properties /chatter in the streets going under..

    BUYER BEWARE I have been hearing a lot of talk in the streets that Cana Rock is sinking . folks who paid full for theirs Apts still have not received their titles for properties going on 2 years now... where there's smoking there is usually fire.....

    New Track to Residency?

    Got this bit of news from a connected friend he tells me that if you have a child here and are not Dominican but are willing to sign a document that you will take care of the child they will grant you residence no questions asked except DNA and Document signed..

    New fines for no masks in public places.... This will be bad for all

    lists Scams to beware of DR that has happen to you...

    My favorite one is your at the gas station and you tell the guy to put in 1500 peso and he puts in 1050 and tries to pocket the 450... this has happen many times to me...

    Milexus Spilt Air Conditioner

    Can anyone tell me if the Milexus brand is any good? My air Conditioner guy is telling to sell me one he swears by it... any one have one in there house?

    what DR is building a wall..... I hope it's not the same time frame as Trumps wall Where's all the world news about this wall

    New or Old Scam?

    Was exchanging dollars for peso today a Banco Progreso... give the lady 600 hundred when she gave me the peso it was only for 500 she told me all i gave her was 500 I told her listen I'm not fu****ng leaving until you give me the other 100 call your supervisor lets go to the video .. long...

    Car Titles in RD????

    Good Morning All I have a friend who is buying a used car from a well known Car Dealership . I'm trying to find out for her 1 ) What paper work(car title) is proof that she owns the car does she need to receive from the dealer? 2)is their anything else as far as documents she should given...

    Paper shredder in PC

    Does anyone know where i can buy a good paper cross shredder in the Punta Cana Area?


    What is the best away to keep away those pesty flies outside and inside anything special for Rd ???????

    Fed Ex

    Is fed ex still the best way to get mail back ( important documents) to the states? if yes where is there an office in the Punta Cana Area?

    Over Stay Chart ?????

    Does anyone have a recent copy of the over stay chart ? Trying to figure out how much I need when i leave Thanks in advance

    Resorts in Punta Cana

    Hello folks . a while back someone posted the day rates for the resorts in Punta Cana at a discount rate would anyone happen to have a copy or the link ? I trying looking for it here but could not find it.... thanks

    Opening a bank account ... this is another good one

    first went to Scotiabank need to give my first born to open the account .next the famous bank popular they just needed a few fingers to open this one open .. then went to Bankresever all I need was a passport I got accounts in dollars and pesos. I was out of the bank in 30 minutes this...

    You just have to love Rd

    Driving back from Punta Cana - SDQ the other day I gave the toll collector 100 pesos in coins to pay for the toll which costs 100 pesos and she gave me back 90 pesos in coins I try to give it back and she started arguing with me that I am wrong. ONLY IN RD

    5k in RD

    I have a friend who is retiring this year he asked me how would he live in RD on 5k a month I told him like a King  Would you folks agree?  I think he could live anywhere on the island With King Status. ...... 

    Moving Company SDQ- PC

    I need a moving company that will move a few boxes anfd household items for me from SDQ- PC and possibly hold the boxes for a month in a secure location then bring them to PC .Company needs to be reiable Reliable & Secure a company that someone has used in the past not some fly by night ...

    Question about traveling ( minor)

    What type of documentation does a minor need to leave Rd and go to USA for a vacation.. Child was born in Dominican Republic ( Mom is Dominican and Father is American) child has a American Passport ,does not have a Dominican passport. Is his American passport enough or does he...

    Air bnb forget the hotels

    FYI. Air Bnb is the way to go I have a friend who visits the capital monthly and started using Air Bnb . much cheaper than the hotels and nicer. when i go visit the places he rents I'm amazing how nice they are. Pool, cameras 24 security, and he could bring anyone he wants home.... Just and...

    Prettiest. Ladies in Rd?????????

    Not looking to offend anyone. But which town has the prettiest ladies. My vote is Bonao