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    Favorite Dominican Supermarkets for Expats

    We shop at Bravo on Ave. Enriquillo and Carrefour in the Downtown center on Ave. Romulo Betancourt. My wife and I cook a lot at home,so we don't buy any prepackaged stuff.
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    Is it time to remove the Nicolas de Ovando statue?

    123 History then and History now are 2 different things . 20-20 hindsight is always screwed up by people who have no real understanding of History. This is my personal take on History not my feelings which don't count
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    Dominican Music

    Here's an oldy but goody
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    Abinader to Elon Musk: DR is land of opportunities

    Here are some low tech industries struggling to train low functioning Dominicans to use computers and torque wrenches.
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    Political ideology in the DR

    Johne, If the majority of illegal workers were gone, the wages paid to Dominicans would rise. Illegal workers drive down wages for Dominicans who deserve better. The government is at fault for allowing Haitians to stay in country. This is a problem that needs to be solved quickly.
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    Political ideology in the DR

    Johne, Why should Dominican workers work for the same wages that illegal Haitians work for ? WHY?
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    Presidency requests Congress reinstate National State of Emergency

    Gringo Canuk Please don't paint Dominicans with a broad brush. I would never say All canuks can't understand
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    Fluently English speaking medical Doctor?

    Johne, yes my doc is in SD
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    Fluently English speaking medical Doctor?

    Try Dr.Milvio Perez Matos at Clinica Abreu. He is my doc and speaks perfect english. his # is 688-4411 ext.165. HE IS A REALLY GOOD DOCTOR!!! sorry I didn't realize it was for Sosua not SD
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    Nina hold on tight and don't stand near the edge! Welcome aboard
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    Dominican Music

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    Starbucks in the DR

    If your going to the Downtown Plaza, go to Breve Cafe under the escaltors not Starbutts.Great coffee and half the price of Starbutts. I go there 3 or 4 times a week as it is 4 blocks from my apartment. Great desserts and gelatto too!
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    Starbucks in the DR

    This definitely proves that bad taste is truly timeless and worldwide
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    Food For Thought Regarding Beach Openings

    check out this website to see where sharks are.
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    Trip on Ferries del Caribe

    Had to go to Puerto Rico for business. Got in San Juan on July 28. Got all the meetings finished and now had to go to Santo Domingo for the last 3 meetings. The 3 of us decided to take the ferry, so on August 3rd. we got on the ferry. Very smooth entry on to the ship. $395.00 USD for the 3 of...
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    supper with friends

    Went out tonite with my Dominican and Puerto Rican friends. We ate at Villar Hermanos(corner of Ave. Pasteur and Ave. Independencia) I had a super mero in garlic sauce. Just superb plus I tasted for the first time the new beer from the Presidente Brewery called The One. It was ice cold and ended...