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    Any idea what her visa status is?

    I know a Dominican woman who attended high school in the USA for a short period of time (sorry, do not have the specifics) but she was a minor while attending. Currently she lives in the DR, definitely a barrio gal, family doesn't seem to have a lot of money... would anyone know what her visa...
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    looking for dance instructor la romana

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of either a private dance instructor or possibly dance classes in La Romana? Salsa, merengue, bachata. Even a contact who might be able to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated. I speak Spanish.
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    any massage schools in Santiago?

    Hi guys, I've scoured the internet and the dr1 board? does anyone know of any reputable school/institute that offers courses in massage therapy, preferably in Santiago? My background is in traditional thai massage and hot stone. I do "regular" (relaxation) massage at the spa I work at here in...
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    best place for me to relocate?

    Hi guys. Please help. I've been working on a relocation plan for a number of months and have narrowed it down to the DR or Colombia? with the DR winning, lol? I'm torn regarding location in the DR, though. My background: I've visited the DR a few times, spending a total of a few months...