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    Residency Question

    This may be slightly off topic, but to do with Residencia. I don't know if this has been posted before ... I had my Residencia Permanent July 2019 at which time I paid 24000 pesos being told it was good for 4 years. When I received the tarjeta is was good for only ONE year ! July this year...
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    seeking a Septic Tank Cleaning Company on the North Coast

    Can anyone help or advise of a Septic Tank cleaning Company on the North Coast ?
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    New Traffic Regs.

    I understand the Sosua Mayor is introducing new Traffic regulations along with additional Traffic lights. You are not allowed to enter the proposed yellow boxes with crossed lines unless the way ahead is clear, even although the traffic light shows green ! That's going to be very difficult...
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    Swimming pool repair

    My swimming pool has been empty for a while. Small cracks have appeared. What is more noticeable is that the pool appears to have been cast in two parts. The sloping base and part vertical extensions to the side walls , first and then secondly the side walls themselves. There is a marked...