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    Price Smart Santiago

    Does anyone know if they have guest passes? Going to Santiago and we want to check it out before buying a membership.
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    Is tomorrow a holiday here?

    I've been told that many places are closed tomorrow (Monday) for a holiday, but I found nothing listed for tomorrow.
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    Shipping presceiptions to DR

    Well, my May flight has been cancelled. I saw the local pharmacist on Friday and she says she cannot get most of my prescriptions or any substitute. Four years ago it wasn't an issue. I know that FedEx can ship them by providing documents from my doctor in Canada, but don't know if customs...
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    Replenish minutes on claro cell from Canada

    I want to keep my phone number since i have it memorized and everyone has my number. Is it possible to purchase minutes for my phone on line? Is it safe?
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    English speaking vet on north coast

    I'm in Costambar and need to get my dog checked. Does anyone have recommendations? Since I don't have a car, I would prefer a vet in or close to Puerto Plata.
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    Golf cart rental Costambar

    Can anyone recommend where I can rent a reliable golf cart for 4 months? Any idea of cost? Looking for December to April.
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    Immigration Rip Off

    At the airport on the way home after 3 months in DR, I knew I would have to pay 2500rd. I thought that once I went through immigration I would be sent to a separate desk to pay. However, the immigration officer told me I had to pay her directly, which I did. I thought maybe the process was...
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    Does anyone know where to buy seeds or small plants such as cilantro, thyme, etc?
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    Murder in Costambar?

    I saw a post on FB saying there was a r3cent murder is Costambar. I have not been able to locate any information in English. Does anyone have details?
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    Pool supplies in Puerto Plata

    Can anyone recommend a place to purchase pool supplies, as well as where it is located? Do you know if they carry the testing strips? Thanks
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    Splitting Costs when Purchasing Condo

    I am in the process of purchasing a condo. I thought that the vendor and purchaser are responsible for some closing costs. As purchaser, I know I have to pay the 3% tax. I am also being asked to pay the lawyers fees of 1.5%. Is there another cost that the vendor is supposed to pay?
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    cell phone and Netflix Qs

    Coming to DR next week and will be staying is Costambar. I am looking to purchase a cell phone. I don't want a plan or any of the bells and whistles. It will be used mostly for calling a taxi to get out and about. Does anyone know how much I should expect this to cost, and am I better...
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    Those that are played

    Why is it that when a woman falls for a sankie, all the bashers are out, name calling, derogatory comments about NA women, etc. But, when a man falls for a sankie, everyone is so sympathetic? More an observation, I don't really expect any honest answers here.
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    Sewing - Fabric

    Hi there Will be visiting Costambar in the near future. I have recently started sewing again & thought this may be a great opportunity to find some different fabric. Does anyone know a good place to shop for fabric. Won't have a vehicle, but could taxi into Puerto Plata or Sosua for a day...
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    A group of us are coming down for another vacation & wanted to make a day trip we haven't made before, something a little off the normal 'tourist' track. We are interested in visiting Santiago, and I wondered if anyone could recommend places that are a 'must see' (historical, natural beauty...
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    Returning to Costambar

    My husband and I are returning to Costambar for a visit. We haven't been back for 2 years now (usually go every year). I was wondering if there have been any changes to the area or new places to go. Has Sandy Beaches re-opened under new ownership yet? Is there a new restaurant where Paul's...