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    Gas stations to remain open 24/7

    Even though some gas stations had started to close early again, the government has actually decided to allow gas stations to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Confirmed this with the DIGENOR yesterday, saw it in the paper this morning.
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    Gasoline to be rationed.

    Well I just got back from vacation and unfortunately heard on the radio this morning that gasoline will be rationed. When I got in the office I called Santo Domingo to confirm and it is true. Starting today, gas stations will receive only a portion of the fuel they request. I imagine the quota...
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    Short term fuel shortages....again.

    There is shortage of gasoline(s) in the country again. Premium fuel is not available and regular is under heavy rationing. Diesel is not supposed to be affected. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, but until then, plan your travels wisely and if you depend upon gasoline for gen sets, plan...
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    Possible short-term fuel shortages

    I just found out this morning (Tuesday, 22 Feb.) that the refinery is rationing fuel to stations due to the late arrival of a fuel ship. The ship should be in tomorrow afternoon so there may be some short-term scarcity of fuel. Keep your tanks full and plan your travels carefully over the next...
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    Temporary fuel shortage possible.

    There is some sort of delay going on at the Refinery that is causing a backlog of fuel dispatches. I'm not sure of what the problem is, but if I find out the reason I will post it right away. Expect some gas stations, especially high volume stations, to experience temporary shortages until the...
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    Short term Gasoline shortage.

    I have just received word that gasoline, both regular and premium, will not be dispatched from the refinery starting tomorrow, Tuesday August 24, 2004 until sometime Thursday August 26. The diesel fuel supply is not supposed to be affected. Please keep this in mind if you are planning a trip or...
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    If you own a Diesel generator, you need to read this.

    If you have a diesel generator that you use frequently, one of the best ways to save money on your generator maintenance and to dramatically lengthen the life of your generator is to install an oil by-pass filter that will micro-filtrate your oil. Normally, you should change your oil and filter...
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    Dozens of gift shops in Sosua to be removed

    I just read this article that says the gift shops in the beach entrance area of Sosua beach, El Batey side, will in fact be removed.
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    Fuel to be rationed this weekend.

    The delay of two petroleum ships from Venezula on Thursday will force the refinery to ration fuel this weekend. This will affect all petroleum products. One ship is planned to arrive on Sunday, restoring regular refinery service Monday or Tuesday. Greg
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    To dispel a rumor:There is no fuel shortage

    I have been asked by several customers lately if there is a fuel shortage. I have checked with everyone that I know and there is no problem with fuel supply. All deliveries are arriving as scheduled so this is just a rumor. And as always, I will advise everyone by posting on if anything...
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    Help!!: Anyone have connections at Banco Popular?

    In March of this year, I purchased a piece of equipment for the business from a company with the expectation that it would work as promised. With agreement from the seller, I paid with a post-dated check (two weeks) so that we could have a trial period to assure the equipment worked as promised...
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    Slow Down at the Refinery: Fuel update

    For the last week or so, the LPG tanker trucks who used to park in the refinery area have been banned from entering and have been parking on the street. This has been a point of contention between the truck drivers and the refinery which yesterday (Wednesday, 9 June 2004) led to a strike and...
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    Do foreign insurance companies operate in the DR?

    Does anyone know if there are US or Canadian insurance companies who serve the DR with property loss protection policies (such as fire, earthquake, etc, etc)? I have had several bad experiences so far with some of the big local companies and would like to have insurance that I could in fact...