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    Dialysis in Punta Cana

    Good morning- does anyone know if Centro Medico Punta Cana or Hospiten offer kidney dialysis? Thanks for any information!! Rick
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    Good barber in Punta Cana area

    Good afternoon all! Has anyone found a good barber in Punta Cana? Thanks!
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    Banco BHDLeon on-line access

    Anybody else having trouble accessing the BHDLeon on-line banking? I have not been able to get on for several days. Thanks! Rick
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    Good dentist in Bavaro

    Any recommendations for a good dentist in Bavaro/Punta Cana? Just a general check-up and cleaning, hopefully! Thanks!! Rick
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    Playa Grande Golf course

    Hi everyone- anybody play the Playa Grande golf course lately- is it even open? Thanks! Rick
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    Seaborne airlines to San Juan

    Has anyone flown Seaborne to San Juan? Any insights? Thanks!
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    Charter flight to Vancouver

    Anyone know of availability of charter flights from Punta Cana to Vancouver? Can you buy roundtrip tickets from here? Thanks and Happy New Year! Rick
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    Good books to give away

    We are cleaning out our library at home and have 3 boxes of nice books- wide variety of novels and non-fiction. I am travelling to Punta Cana often and would be happy to get them to a new home! Send me a PM if you are interested.
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    Sex trafficking in the DR?

    We have some friends here studying the sex trafficking issues in the DR and they are asking about government or private entities working with minors. Any ideas? Thanks! Rick York
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    Looking for house to rent in Hig?ey

    Some friends of ours have just moved back and are looking to rent a house in Hig?ey. Not too picky but 3 bedrooms and 2 baths would be nice. Thanks for any help!!
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    Happy holidays everyone! My wife just got an IPAD in Tampa. It has 3G and wireless. Has anyone connected one here and what is the process? Thanks for your help!
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    Codetel trouble with e-mail

    Anyone else having trouble with receiving e-mails on Codetel? Seems their e-mail server is down since yesterday.
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    IKEA opening?

    Hi everyone- anybody have an idea of the opening date for IKEA in Santo Domingo? Thanks!
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    Libyan embassy in Santo Domingo?

    Hi everyone and happy holidays to all. Does anyone know if there is a Libyan embassy/consulate in Santo Domingo? Thanks! Rick
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    Drastic rise in Codetel charges!

    Has anyone else paid their Codetel bill in the past few days? I paid ours this morning. Our daughter was here a couple of weeks ago for a visit and called everyone in the world so we knew the bill would be higher. This is our home phone-not cell phone. After checking on past bills-here's the...
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    Tickets for Andrea Bocelli concert

    Does anyone know where to get tickets for the Andrea Bocelli concert, April 20, at Altos de Chavon in La Romana. Thanks for any info. Rick
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    Mitsubishi truck springs/shocks

    Hey everyone- we have a 2007 Mitsubishi single-cab pickup truck- great truck and hauls a lot of stuff. When it's carrying block or bags of cement, it rides really smooth. When it's empty, it rides like a rodeo bull-lots of bumps and jolts. Does anyone on DR1 have experience with changing the...
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    Southwest Trip

    My wife and I just returned from a wonderful trip to the southwest part of the country. We have lived here for 18 years and had never visited south and southwest of Barahona. What a beautiful and undeveloped part of the country. We stayed at the Casa Bonita, about 16 Kms. south of Barahona...
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    Sky Dominicana Satelite

    Is anyone using the new Sky Dominicana satelite set-up, and if so, is it working well and are most channels in English? Thanks for your help! Rick
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    Satellite TV in La Romana

    Good morning everyone- does anyone know of a good satellite dealer that services the La Romana area?Any help will be appreciated. Rick