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    Shipping back to US

    Hello Everyone, I don't know if this was covered before here. I was wondering if anyone can list shipping companies here in Santo Domingo that ship back to the US. Like lets say Florida or NYC. What kind of prices am I looking at and is there a weight limit. Thank you for your help. Liong
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    are there yoga studios in SD

    Hello Everyone, I have been searching for a yoga studio. Hopefully close to me or close enough. I live close to Plaza Luperon cerca Puerto Haina. Can anyone tell me if there is a place for yoga? What kind? How much? Would they allow men? I prefer Bikram but it's hot enough without the heated...
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    besides montero shipping-what else is there?

    Hello Everyone, I am using montero shipping to ship some food items and products from ny to myself here. They are far from perfect. Can you recommend another shipper with more reliable service. Like a real time delivery. If they don't really know your address they will call you. Stuff like...
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    been here for a few months

    Hello Everyone, I am very happy to have found this forum. I wish I had it the entire time I was here. Would have avoided some mistakes. I have been lurking and reading your forums. Really helpful. I moved here from nyc about four months ago. Wanted to start a business here and plans fell...