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    Canada to Rep Dom

    I flew Air Canada direct Toronto to Punto Cana on July 18th,2020 Twice the money,1/2 the service. Ususal AC hospitality Heading back to 14 day quarantine October 17th,2020
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    FrioHot Hotel

    More info on Charles Debono
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    Tourism collapses 87% in August

    By dropping Covid testing and paying tourists to 'Come on down' by offering Travel Insurance, a resurgence of the Covid-19 will surely follow infecting the entire island and its people. Not until they control Covid-19, will they be able to control the economy. I agree with your optomistic...
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    Boca Chica?

    There are very few people on the streets of Boca Chica now. During the week you see just the expats and the locals. The place is eerily quiet. Tourist are few and far between now and the number of girls looking for short company are porportional to the number of tourists. Numbers increase in all...
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    FrioHot Hotel

    Interpol seems to interested in what this hotel has to offer. They were accompanied by a large presence of Dominican Republics finest. Seem to be removing many, many boxes. What would Interpol be interested in removing. Surely not the brochures and menus. Just bought some chocolate ice cream...
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    Slingbox settings for Sky

    Can anyone instruct me as to how I go about configuring my slingbox to videostream Sky Dominicana. If I insert a zip Code from Santo Domingo it lists Sky Angel or Direct TV but programming and channels are not the same. I can't find any answers surfing the web. Hope someone here has already...