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    What is going on the 14th to the 18th in Cabrete

    Whats goin on in Cabarete next week??????????????
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    Secret Decoder Rings

    Since it was closed... Lets start a secret hand shake where we tickle each others palm with out middle fingers. If the person does it back you know they are a DR! member, if they look at you funny then you just look like an idiot to a random tourist. Maybe we can get Eddie to start...
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    Back to Basics.

    How about instead of Ipads and laptops we start handing out rakes, shovels and trash bags/cans??? What good is an education with an ipad you cant afford if you still dont know any better not to poop where you eat, sleep and LEARN. :confused:
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    Am I the only one who cracked.

    Am I the only one that cracked and clicked on the "Cancel your Boss" Advertisment??? You know the one you are looking at right now at the top of your screen. I felt compelled to do so becuase it is on DR1 even though it is one of my cardinal rules not to click on these.