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    English Bookstores?

    Can you suggest some bookstores where I can buy literature in English. Is there anywhere I can get good second hand books? Looking out for books on sociology, history, etc. Fiction too but not the types of Grisham, Ludlum, etc. More on the classic lines. Do the bookstores allow you to spend...
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    Suggestion on buying an apartment in SD?

    I live off and on in the DR and land up paying a lot of rent. Most of the times the place is empty but considering what I have paid in last 4 years I could have very well bought it instead. I am looking for an apartment that has: 3 Bedrooms, Nice Living Area, Good kitchen, Elevator, Standby...
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    Need some thoughts

    After reading a few threads I have learnt a lot. Thought I would ask some folks here for advise. My case is a little different but a lot of similarity with the rest. a) I first came to DR on biz in '98, was alone and in a high stress work, met this girl at a bar. Exceptionally good looking and...