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    Santo Doningo - 3rd October

    Hi there all, We have finally booked flights and will be flying into DR on 3rd October and staying in SD for 2 weeks, any sign of rain for those 2 weeks or is it too early to say? Can't wait to get there - it's about a year and a half since we were last there! Kate
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    Move to France

    Hi, We're thinking of moving to France for a couple of years - does anybody know what visa my husband would need?-he is here in the UK on a spouse visa (since May '07). Is it the same as Spain?-the Spanish embassy said as he's married to a UK citizen we just need to show we have somewhere to...
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    British Citizenship

    Hi there, quick question for you - or 2! My husband is Dominican and lives here in England. At what point can he get British Citizenship? Also, we would one day like to move to Spain (before retiring to DR!) - when would he be able to do that? Myself and my daughter are both British so...
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    Raising awareness

    Hi there, I am still so unhappy about the English coverage of Noel in DR and would really like to something bigger than just sending money (which we've done already) - I would like to somehow make English people more aware of what happened and the extent of it and try to get something set up...
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    Distance Realisation

    Some of you will know and some won't, I am married to a lovely Dominican and we live in the UK. Everything is great, we have a fantastic marriage and a beautiful daughter. DR has never felt that far away - 9 hours on plane and a phone call every Sunday makes it seem so close sometimes. Until...
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    Visa from UK to Spain for a Dominican

    My husbands here on a spouse visa and we would really like to go on holiday - to Spain probably so its one of the Shengen countries, what do we need to do before we go in regards to getting a Shengen visa? Any information would be much appreciated. Kate
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    Dominicans near York - UK

    Hi there, Just wondering if there are any Dominicans living near York, UK - my husband is here and is from DR and it would be nice to hear from others in our area. Kate x