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    Dominicans in Chicagoland, where you at?! Headed there and looking to catch of with island peoples. Any recommendations of places to visit and check out?
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    Traveling w/ DR Passport & US Permanent Residency

    I'm wondering how travel works in order for our family to take a trip outside the US. My wife and daughter have permanent residency in the US (green cards) and have the spouse/family visa in their Dominican passports. From what I have read, they can travel to countries which allow DR passport...
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    Huelga in Santiago

    There's a strike today in Santiago. I don't have much information but there are no conchos today, only the A route and the M route are working (according to a concho driver). If I get more specifics I'll post them here.
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    Coin counting machine

    I'm having the hardest time finding a bank which has a machine that counts coins and pays you in bills. Anyone know where I can do this? I've been in the banks and told them we'll count the coins with them but they say they will only do it with business accounts. We've got RD$6,000 in coins...
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    Cancelling Utilities

    Hey, Does anyone have turnaround time for cancelling utilities (water, electric, Claro)? We're trying to determine how to handle this as we're leaving the country and don't want to have any outstanding bills. We've called EdeNorte and they said 3 days. Same with Corasaan and Claro says same...
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    The First Person On The Sun :laugh:
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    Fake ID from Obras Publica

    Beware. My wife went to renew her drivers license in Santiago. She took her old, expired license which she received in Santo Domingo years back. Apparently, when scanning the license in their system, nothing registered. They took it to review more thoroughly and came with a verdict that...
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    Hotels Near NEW US Embassy

    Anyone recommend hotels near the new US embassy? I'd rather not leave Santiago at 3AM again just to get into Santo Domingo on time. Traffic there is terrible in the mornings. RD$3,000 is my budget for one night's stay, even that is a bit more than I'd like to spend though.
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    EncargoPAQ Upped Price Per Pound

    New package on the way and asked the price, was a bit higher than usual and they said Oct. 1st they upped the price per pound to RD$204/lb. Wish they would have sent out an email or something - they sure seemed to be good about emails for other things but not when it costs the customer more...
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    Am I Reading This Wrong?

    Just want to make sure I'm not insane and I still am able to read. Means we gave RD$17,000 deposit which will be returned once we end the contract. Right? Landlord is saying one one of the halves from the deposit applies to the first month's rent. We have receipts which show we have paid...
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    Long Blackout 9/24

    Anyone else still without power? I'm in Santiago, El Dorado area and the power had been out since around 5PM. Very odd that the power is out for this long. Most likely due to the storm. Wondering if it's just this side of town or more spread out?
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    Do I Need a Letter of Consent?

    My wife, my daughter, and I are in the process of going to the US. My daughter's biological father is not in the picture. He doesn't see her, doesn't call her, doesn't provide for her. He's in another country as well. Do we need any legal documentation stating that he consents to his...
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    First Time in Zona Colonial

    I took my first trip to la Zona Colonial yesterday. I had been wanting to go for quite awhile to see the history, soak in the atmosphere, and understand the beginnings of the new world. It's beautiful. The structures created hundreds of years ago are really amazing. Looking at them was a real...
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    Corn Dogs?

    Where the heck can we get some corn dogs for the 4th in Santiago? I'm thinking PriceSmart or Nacional.
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    Physical Therapy

    Where is a good physical therapy clinic here? Has anyone had a positive experience? My wife has hernias which are causing her a lot of problems.
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    Self Parking Car Not Available in DR Yet Ouch.
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    A question on US immigration

    After long hours on hold and multiple phone calls with no answer, I'm hoping someone with experience here has an answer. My wife entered the US legally at the age of 3. She returned to the DR (not deported) at the age of 10 and her mother turned in all of her paperwork upon arrival in the DR...
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    Claro is EXTREMELY slow in Santiago

    If you're having problems streaming, watching videos, or other issues with your internet these past few days, don't use or to check your speed, those are not accurate results. They are doctored and don't show your actual download speed. Use and...
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    It Must Be On Purpose

    We've had a filtracion issue since we moved in to our apartment almost 2 years ago. The landlord has put band-aids on it and never fixed the problem. She'll finally do it the right way (we live on the top level) by repaving the roof so the water runs off correctly after months and months of...
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    Tolls At Toll Booth

    Anyone know prices? For us going into SD was free and coming out was RD$25 a few weeks back. When we went to Samana in November it was free but now that it's whale season I imagine they are charging.