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    Health Food Stores In Santo Domingo

    Does anyone know of any Health Food Stores Santo Domingo... i am specifically looking for Wild Yam Cream If anyone has any numbers, website addresses, contact details or infomation i would really appreciate it! Thanks
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    Beauty Schools In Santo Domingo?

    Does anyone know of any beauty schools in Santo Domingo? If so, could you possibly tell me the names or whatever information you have. Thanks
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    Public Transport

    What is the public transport like going to and from puerto plata along the north coast? after having driven for many years i would like to enjoy the freedom of using public transport/ hiring a car for occasional for trips etc. How do the buses operate... are they reliable, cheap/expensive, can...
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    iminent move to Don Rep

    My daughter Grace, 16yrs, and myself are coming to live in the Dom Rep, from Leeds .Yorkshire. England, around mid Sept.... for at least one year. I will not be seeking work as I am able to finance our stay independantly. We both intend to learn the language, Grace at school and myself with...
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    North coast Living

    I am moving to the DR next month and i was wondering if you could help me with chosing one of the North Coast cities and towns? I'm wanting to live in an area with the least tourists as possible. I understand that Sosua is full of prostitutes and sleezy bars and after visiting Cabarete for...
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    HELP!!! Schools!?

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me! My 16 year daughter and I are moving to the Dominican Republic in August in time for the new school year... but i am wanting for her to go to the Dominican Private schools, perhaps San Jose or Santa Rosa in Puerto Plata. Firstly beacause i want her to...