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    Maimon Seafood Restaurants

    Does any of them accept Credit Cards?
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    Status of Taino Cruise Terminal

    When will it open at the earliest, depending on cruises resuming?
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    Hot dogs no pork

    Do they have any all beef hot dogs? if not any all turkey or Chicken?
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    8MM Insulin pen needles

    Where can i buy them in Puerto Plata?
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    Is the curfew ending 17 May?

    Or was it extended?
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    BBQ Ribs in Puerto Plata city

    Is there a good place within 5 miles of Jumbo?
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    ATM or Cambio in Maim?n

    is there 1 near D? Johan Pescados?
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    Which has better snorkeling Coconut Cove Beach, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, or Riu Mambo?
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    Jumbo POP

    When is it scheduled to open?
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    italian sausage

    any place to buy it in Puerto Plata?
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    Chinese restaurant in POP

    I would like to take my family to 1
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    Property taxes POP

    where can i find information on Property taxes in POP?
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    Visas for Cruise out of La Romana

    I'm looking to take my Dominican novia on a cruise out of la romana visiting Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands (British), Antigua and Barbuda, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe, Sint Maarten (Dutch part) .
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    ATM in Costambar

    Where are they located?
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    Metro linea 2

    What stations are opened?
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    Taxi from Sosua to Playa Dorada

    How much in Pesos or Dollars?
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    No cruises for Maimon until 2015 if at all4

    All CCL cruise schedules are out until april 2015 except Leend which is going Down under
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    Maimon CCL progress

    When will the pier be ready?
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    exit fees

    how much is the exit fee for staying 5.5 months?
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    No Water in POP

    we have no water since tuesday how long does this usually last?