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    Looking for Mr. Frederic Charles Dubois

    Need to find this person cause I have a car that still has his name on the matricula. Anyone who has any info please pm me. Thanks
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    Pain doctor in Cabarete?

    Do anybody know of a doctor in Cabarete/La Colonia where he has his office? I?m not there at the moment but if someone could tell me his number or if you know anything about him. I need a doctor for a friend who has cronic pain.
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    Buying a car?

    Hi, We?re thinking about buying a car and I looking for information. Now with the high prices of fuel and so on, what kind of car would be a good buy? Looking for a jeep or pickup, used but still in good contidion, have any tips about where to look (we live in Cabarete), moca? Std? Please help...
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    DR to Europe

    I wonder if anybody knows how much a one-way ticket from POP to Amsterdam/Stockholm would cost? I think that before it was a lot more expensive to buy the ticket in DR to Europe than the other way around, still so? Soon going, so if anyone know it would be a great help!
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    Nursing jobs??

    I was reading all the great tips about medical help, you all seem to know a lot about that so I?m wondering, how about jobs for a nurse?? For now i?m just living in Cabarete 6months every year, and that?s because of the job situation. If I could find a ok-paid job I would stay there all year...