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    Need hotel in Santiago

    Have an early morning flight out of Santiago, and rather then get up at 4am and try to have someone drive us, we're looking for a hotel for one night. I looked at Expedia,, sites like that, but all I'm finding are hotels that are around $100 (US) a night. I know there are cheaper...
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    Anyplace in Sosua to get a printer fixed?

    Also, is there anyplace in Sosua that sells decent inexpensive printers? I know I can find one in Plaza Llamas, but am hoping to save a trip to Santiago.
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    Christmas gift expectations?

    What is the standard for gifts for xmas time? Not talking about formal employees and the 13th month salary. For example, a maid that comes once a week, a gardner that comes twice a month-are they expecting something? What is the standard gift? Bottle of rum? Cash (prob)? And if so, how much? I...
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    Need invertor specialist in Sosua

    Does anyone know of someone who works on invertors, who specializes in them? We are having constant problems with ours, and every electrician knows a little bit about a lot of things, but no one seems able to deal with something more complex, and I am tired of having no backup power... anyone...
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    Name of hotel across from cathedral?

    Does anyone know the name of the hotel that is directly across from the Santo Domingo Cathedral? It looks out to the park, maybe 3 buildings down from Hard Rock, and has an restaurant downstairs with a lot of outside seating.
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    Driving from Las Terranas to Bavaro

    We will be driving our car from Las Terranas to Bavaro/Punta Cana. What is the best way to get there? Do we have to take the main road that goes past Santo Domingo? It looks like there is a more direct route (goes thru Higuey) but the map shows a road with a lot of dots...not sure if that means...
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    Cabarete Music Festival-any details?

    I've seen a few mentions online for the music festival in Cabarete for this Sat, but can't seem to find any details about music lineup and times-when does it start, which bands are playing when, etc. Does anyone know where to find these details?
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    US expat found dead in Sosua

    Does anyone know details about the man who got shot today in the Playa Chiquita area?
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    Any free clinics for women in the Montellano/Sosua area? (urgent)

    Looking on the behalf of someone, who is having serious medical (gynocological) issues. She has government-issued insurance, but its for emergency visits only. She is having complications from a tubal-ligation (sp? not even sure what its called. she got fixed) from a yr ago, and is in a lot of...
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    Need of 2 one-bdrm apartments for 1 week

    Does anyone know of two studio or one bedroom apartments that would be available for xmas week? Need to be in Sosua, by the beach. I see a lot of places available, but its only one person renting theirs out, and I need two seperate units in the same comlex.
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    AA Meetings or other resources? (Sosua)

    Are there any AA meetings in Sosua, or any other resources that could be of help? Asking for someone who is bilingual, so it can be in either Eng or Spanish, and he has no money, so it would have to be free (or very cheap). If anyone knows of meetings or organizations that may be able to help...
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    We found a puppy on a roof top that was entangled in electrical wire. She (or he, we're not sure yet) is very tiny and very scared, and is now hiding in a tree. We cannot keep it, we have enough dogs and mine are too big to have around such a little one, and Judy's is at full capacity. Does...
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    Now Hiring in Sosua: Waitress/Bartender

    Small cafe in Sosua is hiring a waitress/bartender, for days, 10 till 6, Monday through Saturday. If you know of anyone reliable who would be interested please pm me for our phone number.
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    How to keep dogs safe in the DR

    After a dog we know recently died from Lepto, I?ve been researching all the things that can be harmful to pets here-from diseases, to poisonous plants and insects. So other then making sure that all vaccines are current, I wanted to see if anyone has any advice or warnings on things that can...
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    27 Falls in Puerto Plata

    Has anyone gone on this trip? Do we need a guide, or can we just drive there and follow a trail? If a tour is needed, has anyone used any of the tour operators, is there anything more local oriented rather than the tourists trips? If we can drive there and do it ourselves, anyone have directions?
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    Have you lost your puppy (Playa Laguna)

    We found a little puppy in Playa Laguna (Sosua). He is being taken care of, and has a home lined up, but just thought I would post here first to see if anyone lost a dog. He is small, but looks like he?s been fed, could be someones pet. If you have recently lost a puppy, please pm me and...
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    Crazy things you have seen living here?

    What are some of the strangest things you?ve seen here? The English- language radio station in Sosua has a great ?Bud Light? parody, about saluting the motoconcho?s and the seemingly impossible things they carry on their bikes. In that vein, what are some things that you could say to someone...
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    Seeking Part-Time Manager for small restaurant in Sosua

    Seeking a bi-lingual person to manage a small restaurant in Sosua 20 hours a week, 3 nights a week. You don?t necessarily have to have restaurant experience, just be an English speaker, responsible, honest, a people-person, and be able to multi-task. Please pm me for more information and...
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    Need long-term house in Sosua

    We have dogs (well behaved), and are looking for a house with a fenced yard. Doesn?t have to be gated community, just somewhere relatively safe. In Sosua, prefer furnished. Looking to spend aprox $1000/month, lease for 6 months or a year. I have looked at the classifieds, and the only listings...
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    List of when fruits are in season?

    I didn?t have much luck with google, I?m trying to find a list, or create one, of the fruits in this area and which season they are available. Anyone know when the best seasons are?