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    Travel Guide

    Seems there used to be a section with travel guides to all the regions of DR with a description, accommodations, attractions etc. Am I missing something orr have they been deleted? Thanks, Ben (asking for a friend who wants to visit, any other links other than DR1 would be appreciated as well)
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    Correct shoes for RD?

    Of course I don't care your opinion of which type shoes but since I am a 13 year member with few posts I'll start a new thread every day that no one gives a crap about so I can become a senior member and post with the big boys (silly eh?) My days of reading and only commenting on things I have...
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    Little League Heaven

    Dominican Republic vrs Japan at 6pm on ESPN followed by my NC team from Greenville at 8pm These boys sure can play and are fun to watch!!
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    dancing dog

    S? Riso Mail V?deos C?micos Funny Videos - Como se dan?a o merengue...
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    DR Trip 2011

    Will try to give a day by day description with some pics (everybody loves them!) :) Day 1: Arrived in SDQ early afternoon, met with our Dominican friend at the airport, got rental car (Ford Explorer thanks to recommendations by helpful DR1ers) got through SD (man i hate big cities) and off...
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    best coffee

    Ok... Alter ego was so helpful i hate to complain, BUT.... she forgot to remind me how great the coffee from San Jose de Ocoa was and to buy EXTRA while i was there. Now i am hooked! As if the climate, topography and beautiful people are not enough. Anyone have any info on cafe samir coffee...
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    dominican coffee maker frustrations

    It seems every morning the first pot turns out so well, i wash it out well and make sure the flow is correct and unclogged but the second batch never perks to the top part. This wouldn't bother me so much except the coffee which we got in san jose de ocoa is so good i hate to waste it :( any...
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    Condition of mountain roads

    Thanks to AE and CB for some very good advise but thought i'd post to see if anyone else has traveled these roads lately and has an opinion. I will be in the country soon (Dec 1-20) and will be spending the first few days in Barahona and the last few in Samana. We plan to rent a suzuki gran...
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    will airlines waive baggage charges for suitcase of gifts?

    Is anyone familiar with airline policy regarding bringing of gifts for children. We will be flying delta from the US and wish to bring a suitcase of school supplies, baseball equipment and toys for local kids. normally we only stay for a week or two and have the room to bring these things but...
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    will my phone from last year work now?

    bought a cheap phone last year during my DR visit and i was wondering if it would work this year. could i just visit an orange store and have it reactivated or will i need to purchase another? thanks, ben
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    for all you fishermen (and wives)

    The wife and I were at home watching TV. > > I had the remote and was switching back and forth between a > > fishing channel and the porn channel. > She became more and more annoyed and finally said: > > "For God's sake! Leave it on the porn channel! > > You already know how to fish!"
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    trip report... samana peninsula 2010

    Thanks to all for the help and guidance that made our trip special :) After missing out on a vacation last year the wife and I decided to spend 2 weeks this year in beautiful samana. One in las galeras which was a new spot for us, and one a return visit to las terrenas. We flew into SDQ...
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    purchasing phone at airport

    the wife and i are arriving to SDQ, renting a vehicle and off to las galeras in a couple of weeks and i have a question for those in the know:) i have been told my cellphone will not work in the DR and i would really like to purchase one before arriving in las galeras. can cellphones be...
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    carrying gifts/school supplies to DR

    i have heard that one can get a baggage exemption for carrying school supplies and such. does anyone have any info on this before i check with the airline? we usually carry school supplies and baseball stuff. we would carry much more if we didn't get charged for the extra bag. thanks, ben
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    reliable taxi from sdq to las terrenas

    why do my plans start out so simple and then get so complicated :) my brother is now flying into sdq to join the wife and i for a few days and i need to get him from sdq to LT. i am a bad brother who does not want to spend 5plus hours going to get him:smoke: but wish to arrange something for...
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    type of vehicle for samana

    I am trying to decide what sort of vehicle to rent for vacation this year(middle of nov-early dec). We (wife and I) will spend one week in las galeras and then one in las terrenas. Options are to rent a compact car for around $300, take boat tours and rent quads for the day and basically just...
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    happy mothers day to all the moms

    here's wishing all the mothers a very special day:cheeky:
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    hotel lemon

    anyone have any info on this hotel or any other in el lemon? :: Hotel LEMON :: El Limon, Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic
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    jump rope video

    amazing what these girls can do with jump ropes performed at halftime of army/navy basketball game
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    for feline classical music lovers

    the cat solo starts at 1:30 into the video Keyboard Cat Gets Served! Piano Cat Is The New Internet Star - Video Ga Ga