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    Company Transformation Question (2017)

    Would like some opinions on this matter on behalf of a family member. Situation: 2017 One S.A. Company that holds title to a house in the Dominican Republic. The company was never transformed previously and is now in the process of being done. Current ownership by an American as President...
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    Camara de Comercio y Produccion de Puerto Plata

    Can someone please explain what the purpose and necessity of registering with the Camara de Comercio y Produccion de Plata Plata has to do with a company whose sole purpose is to have the title to a house? Our friend was told that in order to sell a home, they would need to see if their company...
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    Prepaid Claro Chip Question regarding Use in San Juan or Miami

    A friend is flying from Santiago to San Juan and then Orlando. *He has a Dominican PREPAID Claro chip phone . *Is there anyway that he can get this to work in San Juan or Orlando (Internationally)? *I know that ours do, but we have regular Claro billed accounts. Thanks:
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    Renewing a 10 yr visa Procedure

    I am trying to help a friend renew his 10 year TOURIST (B1/B2) visa which expired in Jan 2016. He should have absolutely no problem since he only goes to the US about 10 days a year and has never violated it etc. This would be his 3rd 10 year renewal, and even though I should be able to do...
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    Power Sprayer / Pressure Washer - North Coast

    Our power sprayer / pressure washer finally died after many years. Does anyone know of anywhere in Puerto Plata that rents them? Debating as to whether to buy another or try to rent one as needed. When letting household help use them, they constantly break them when ends up with a trip to...
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    CAUTION: Banco Bhd/Leon

    CAUTION: Banco Bhd/Leon I updated my computer to Windows 10 and for some reason my "link" to BHD was the old link and not the new one. So instead of fooling around with it, I just put into google "banco bhd Dominican" and just used that link. The page came up just like usual, but after...
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    Pool Pump Timing Question - Puerto Plata

    I have figured out that our pool pump uses 2.5 kilowatts per hour to run. On average, how long do you run your pump in order to keep the pool clean etc. I have a feeling that we have been running our's way too long and one neighbor told us that they only run it one hour every 3 days! Any...
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    Gluten Free All Inclusive in Punta Cana QUESTION

    I am asking for a friend who has a child that has celiac disease. SO, it is not just an allergy, but an intolerance to Gluten. They are considering going to an all inclusive in Punta Cana. They have been to the DR before the child was born, so never inquired or investigated that aspect...
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    Paying EDENORTE online with BHD

    FINALLY, I have been able to pay EDENORTE online again......... We used to previously pay on the EDENORTE webpage, which has been "Under renovation" for over 1 year.:rolleyes: We got notice last week, that they can now be payed with BHD online. :nervous: We paid two of them today and...
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    Car Insurance Question regarding Suspension of Coverage

    I am used to insurance terms from the US, so my question in US terms would be: Does anyone know of any company that offers the option to "suspend" all coverage EXCEPT comprehensive (which is "Other than collision coverage ie: fire/theft/vandalsim) coverage while a car is in storage and not...
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    Bhd Login with Ios7 on Iphone and Ipad

    I can no longer log into bancasa BHD on either my Iphone or Ipad since upgrading to Ios7. Anyone else having this problem? When signing in, after entering username and password, it say "Safari is unable to connect due to lost network connection....." No matter where I try and whether...
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    Edenorte and Contacts for Appealing an Incorrect Billing

    There are so many Edenorte threads to search, I was hoping that I could get some updated information regarding people to contact in order to correct a billing from Edenorte that I can't seem to get corrected. This has happened more than one to myself and other people that I know. I usually...
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    Listin Diario

    I know that many newpaper sites online have an option to see what the "full" paper version looks like that includes the advertisements that are in it. Does anyone know IF Listin Diario has the option to see their "print ads" and if so, where the link/option is, because I cannot seem to find...
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    Damp Rid

    Does anyone know where you can get DAMP RID Bags or Refills in the Puerto Plata area? Thanks.
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    Question re: Traveling with CPU (Tower/Case) in Checked Baggage........

    We were wondering if anyone had any experience with this problem before we attempt it again. A few years back, on a past trip to the US we brought back just the CPU (Tower/Case) for our computer. (No Monitor etc)..... It had worked fine when we got it in the US, but as soon as we plugged it...
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    Registro De T?tulos, Registry of Land Titles

    With all the websites available in the DR, is there a site, specifically for Puerto Plata, where you can search online for the owner of a property if you have the parcel number etc? It's been quite a while since the issue of titles have come up and I am wondering if there is a site online...
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    The "smaller" sim cards.........

    Does anyone know if either Orange or Codetel supports phones that use the "smaller" sim card that a lot of phones (ie the iphone4 and ipad) use? Thanks.
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    DR1 Security Token???

    For months now, no matter what computer I use, when I try to use the "quick link" that says "mark forums read" I get the following message: Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe...
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    Ship A barrell door to door to DR from Florida

    I know this has been addressed in the past, but I can't seem to find it in ALL the threads..........SO, I figured I would put all the "key" words in the title so that the next time someone searches it will be much easier to find the answer. SO, my question is : Does anyone have any updated...
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    El Plomerito

    What am I going to do without it?