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    Global Phones in the DR

    How do they work?? I have been living in the DR for the past 2 months and I'm just now seriously considering getting a cell phone. I still have my Sprint service from the states. With all the talk about Sprint getting the iPhone 4S and it POSSIBLY having global phone capability, I wanted to know...
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    Where is a decent laundromat in Veron or Bavaro

    I'm looking for a clean and fairly inexpensive laundromat in the Veron or Bavaro area.. Any and all suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! :D
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    My Laptop is about to DIE! :-(

    Quick! Is there ANYWHERE in the PC, Bavaro, Higuey area where I can buy a charger/adapter for a DELL XPS M1330 laptop?? Dell only ships in the US :-(
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    Super center's in Higuey, Bavaro, Punta Cana

    What are the names of some "Super center" type stores in Higuey, Bavaro, Punta Cana.. Something similar to a Costco's or Sam's Club or Walmart or even Target in the US... Somewhere I can buy more than just food... everyday things- light bulbs, towels, tooth paste, broom/mop, curtains, clothes...
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    Can I use my HTC Evo in DR??

    Does anyone know, can I use my HTC Evo in DR? Can I get it unlocked in DR and get it hooked up with a DR cell provider? I've heard about it being able to be done with iPhone's but what about the Evo?? Thanks!
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    Which cell phone provider offers the BEST international calling/texting plan??

    Hi, I am getting ready to move to DR in a few weeks, and I wanted to know who is the best cell phone service provider out there? I will be living in Punta Cana if that helps... I would like to be able to keep in touch with my friends and family in the US just as I do now... Basically, does...
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    Need help finding an airline that will bring my dog to the Dominican Republic

    Hello, I am having a bit of trouble finding an airline that will bring my 1 yr old Pit-bull to DR. Because of his breed many airlines restrict him. The only two airlines that i did find that will fly Pit-bulls, either do not fly pets to DR or do not fly pets if the temp. is higher that 75...
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    Is the White iPhone 4 available in DR yet??

    Hi, Just wanted to know if the white iPhone 4 is available yet in the DR, and if so with which provider(s)? It just became available in the U.S. not too long ago, but I've been unable to find out if it's in the DR yet. I will be moving to PC shortly and would like a white iphone 4 to use... Thanks!
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    Got a job at PCIS (PUNTACANA International School) !!

    So after 3 long interviews with PCIS, I recently heard back from HR with the GREAT news that I have been selected as a 4th grade teacher! Now, I've been to Punta Cana a few times, but never have I visited the school. Can anyone who has worked/or still working there share some insight?? What's...
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    Working at Puntacana International School

    Hi Has anyone ever worked, or currently working at Puntacana Int'l School? If so I have a few questions if you don't mind... How was/is your teaching experience? What's the pay like? What is the housing arrangement? Did they pay for your airfare? How was the travel to and from work? Any other...
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    Teaching English in DR

    Hi, I am new to this forum, but I was wondering if anyone could share any information on schools in the DR that are hiring individuals to teach English. I have searched the internet for days. I've come across plenty of schools and I am currently in the process of contacting them now. I have...