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    WHAT happened to Sun Village?

    And more importantly, what other projects and subdivisions are about to quietly collapase on the North Coast? Seems like a very, very good time to buy..
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    Colonial Zone Redevelopment

    I have spent a fair share of time in the Zona Colonial, and it definintely has some charm. It also has some really nice old buildings- historic treasures, really- that look like they are about to fall down. A lot of streets are total ghost towns- no pedestrians, no lights, all the doors rolled...
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    Has anyone been to this place lately? I can't even tell if it is open on a regular basis. It is down on Independencia near Maximo Gomez.
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    St Maarten

    I was thinking about a weekend hop to some of the other islands, and was thinking about starting with St. Maarten. Any recoomendations or trip stories? If not there, maybe any other suggestions for nearby islands? Experiences with the small airlines out of Las Americas? Thanks