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    Best internet connection in Sosua

    Thank you for the replies. It's probably signal interruption that makes a difference in my case. I run long queries to retrieve data (up to 30 min). They take about twice as long there sometimes but when the signal gets lost I need to start over. I can try a wifi signal booster/repeater to see...
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    Best internet connection in Sosua

    Anyone knows where I can get decent internet connection in Sosua. I continue doing some work on vacation and internet speed is crucial for me. Apartments I rent dont always have a good internet signal. Are there any hotels or restaurants with decent internet signal in Sosua?
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    Caribe Tour Express

    Does it still leave from Santo Domingo to Sosua at 3:30 and 4:30? Is there one that goes from Sosua to Santo Domingo in the morning? Metro is probably faster than regular Caribe Tour?
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    Anything open for Christmas in Bavaro?

    I will be spending this Christmas in Bavaro staying in a local hotel. Is there anything that's open for Christmas, like restaurants or night clubs?
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    Boca Chica

    I can't find much information about Boca Chica. I went there many times during the day on my trips to SD but never stayed. This time I am planning to stay 5 days in Garant. Any suggestions on where to go and what to do there? I am not a big fan of their beach and will probably be exploring...
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    English-Spanish-Russian MBA graduate with Finance/Programming experience

    Hello, I am a tri-lingual (English-Spanish-Russian) MBA graduate experienced in Finance, Data Management, spreadsheet design and automation, Visual Basic programming. Seeking employment in Accounting/Finance/Data Analysis/Microsoft Applications Design in DR. Familiar with the country and its...
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    Hotel in Sosua around $30

    Could someone recommend several hotels in Sosua around $30 without meals where I could bring visitors. What about Waterfront? I am going there on Jan 19th and don't know what things are going there for now. Last time I was there was in 2003. Where is the best money exchange place. I think...
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    Patio de Johnny in Puerto Plata

    Anyone knows if that place is still open? If you happen to be that way, I would appreciate you letting me know if Griselda Rodriguez is still working there. Thank you beforehand.