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  1. Buffness

    Vaccinations for both legal residents and illegal aliens in the DR - Questions

    Don’t know ...people will say and do what they want.... ‘to each their own’.😩 Correct. ‘Refusing the COVID vaccine 💉 ’ ....may turn out to be a ‘personal choice’ with ‘public consequences’ ....ya Peter Hamill once said .....“ Never underestimate the need for (people) to defy...
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    Vaccinations for both legal residents and illegal aliens in the DR - Questions

    So according to Dominican Today “ President says 40% of Dominicans (will) shun the vaccine” .....Most people in our offices are saying ...’ya veremos’...that they will wait and see ....and not rush to be vaccinated.....Our Dominican neighbor said that he wouldn’t trust imported vaccines....and...
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    IKEA Dominicana

    Hmmm🤔🤔🤔.... We were fans until COVID. The PC branch had many issues last year ...probably due to logistics and poor management....We experienced the same issues discussed here : Our business is now...
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    Yes. I think CPS in DR are franchises service levels may vary depending on the franchise owner(s) , location etc. We stopped using them sometime ago when they started making excuses for lost or delayed packages....there’s a long thread about CPS somewhere here in DR1 ...similar issues...
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    Arby's. Now this is interesting.

    This is very true . Miesposa receives not so much ...“offers” ...but more...”email alerts “ saying “Deloitte República Dominicana” or similar companies are looking for people with her experience ....covering DR and or Puerto Rico . The last one said Accenture México 🇲🇽and Mercedes Benz USA...
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    Arby's. Now this is interesting.

    Yes. I don’t see Arby’s lasting long in DR either ...but who knows 🤷? Popeyes wouldn’t last long in DR....too crowded...Ya tenemos Pollos Victorina, KFC, Pluyer Pollos, Los Pollos Hermanos , D’ Gavy Pechurina ....and the many many local Pica pollos....there’s even a “Popeye Pechurina” somewhere...
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    Transparency International says DR is one of the country’s with highest corruption ranking

    Our Dominican neighbor said he was once stopped by the police for driving while drunk...And all he did was ...give his car keys to the policeman and basically said “ ok, you drive me home ” ...the policeman drove the car ...they had a nice chat on the to his house 20 minutes...
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    Ivermectin is not approved, sales are booming

    “Ivermectin imports have increased fivefold since Covid-19 was diagnosed in the Dominican Republic” 🤔Imports ? I thought Calox Dominicana make ‘ Ivermectina’ here in DR ?
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    Dominicans hold five Guinness Records

    “The bartenders out in Punta Cana hold the record for the World’s Largest Mojito, with a 350-liter monster.” Viva PUJ !!...💪😎🇩🇴....nearly 5 years ago already ? 😳...time flies ...I’m surprised that the record still stands!!
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    How will you spend Christmas/New Year in the DR

    Someone posted a typical Dominican Christmas menu here on DR1..a few years back ...something similar to the list below... Puerco asado (Roasted pork) Pollo asado o al horno (Roasted chicken or Chicken cooked in the oven) Moros de guandules (a combination of rice and 'peas' - usually gungo...
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    Moving to Punta Cana, which sectors are best

    Gracias a Dios!!!
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    Has anyone formed an SRL with no lawyer?

    Therein lies the most likely problems of DIY incorporation in DR ...misinterpretation...and perhaps misinformation....if and when you hit an obstacle during the process. So the registrant has to be a DR resident?
  13. Buffness

    Has anyone formed an SRL with no lawyer?

    We thought that it was a strange requirement at the time ....she said ONAPI returned her application with “Debe tener un gestor con domicilio legal en la RD, acreditado por un documento de identidad, y poder.” ....and when she called for clarification she was told that , basically, she had to...
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    Has anyone formed an SRL with no lawyer?

    rubio_higuey wrote a very good summary of the steps when I asked the same question here “Forming a company in DR”
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    Has anyone formed an SRL with no lawyer?

    I asked the same question earlier this year ...there is a lot of information here on the subject...and I think someone posted a step by step ‘how-to’ document. Real life experience? : One of our clients tried it earlier this year . Someone here mentioned that ‘if you can’t go through the...
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    Two-time Olympic gold medallist Felix Sánchez to wed Pan Am gold medallist Maria Dimitrova

    Congratulations and good luck ! I remember at the London Olympics in 2012 when he won the 400m hurdles ....we had walked all the way from cloudy Stratford station to the stadium to see the event ....and when he won? ...priceless ...! Proud day for the Dominicans ( and Americans) in our...
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    Mudanzas: Post your shipper

    :oops:...Hmm...:unsure:..a 55inch TV ..$495 on Amazon plus $200 shipping ...$695 the RD$ 56,634.10 for a 55 inch TV in Plaza Lama with a questionable history....must tell miesposa what I want for Christmas....:)
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    Unemployment / Workers Liquidation

    There it is !