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    Guitar lessons?

    I am living in Santo Domingo (northwest side) and want to learn to play classical (nylon-stringed) guitar. Does anyone know someone who gives lessons or have an idea how to get in touch with someone who is a well qualified teacher?
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    worm composting

    Keith, Caco, anyone? I am still wanting to set up a worm bed for exactly the same reasons that I described a year ago. The only difference is that I basically traded a Dachshund for a Doberman and now have a much greater "solid waste management"...
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    Moving sales?

    Am I missing something? I see there are two moving sales listed in the classifieds with the same day. Not only that, but they are both in Santo Domingo. Are we expecting a cold winter or is everyone just moving out of their own accord all of a sudden? Seriously, one of them (Chris) is a good...
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    correcting low voltage problem

    Am I the only one with a low voltage problem? It is not uncommon that my inverter is on when the power is on (it kicks in at around 94 volts). I have my TV connected to a small voltage regulator whose indicator light is almost always pegged on red indicating "very low voltage". I could go on...
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    How to invest RD$4000/month in DR?

    If you were a middle class Dominican, with RD$4,000 per month to invest for the future, where would would you invest it and why?
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    Real Dominican Heroes

    Independence Day is coming up in a couple of months. Who are some "Real Dominican Heroes" that we can lift up as examples of courage, accomplishment, education, character, etc? In short, who are some Dominicans whether famous or not who you would lift up as examples to your kids? They could be...
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    Worm Composting

    Keith R, I would like to get in contact with your Dominican friend who is into home worm composting. I have been interested in it for several months (mostly because I am tired of buying fertilizer for my tiny yard and plants while I throw out perfectly good organic waste that I have no where...
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    Exchange houses Santo Domingo

    I am looking for an exchange house that is located closer. For some time, I have written US$ checks drawn on an American bank for pesos at Vimenca. My experience there has been very good. However, they are not close to where I live. I have also changed with an exchange house in the old part...
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    third-party/double meter electric meter monitoring

    We have lived here in the DR about two years. All-in-all, our experience with electric billing problems has probably been "better than average" or in other words "pretty poor." Our meter seems to be read regularly, but I have reason to believe that our 6-700 KWH of supposed monthly usage is...
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    Electrician problems

    I am starting a new thread from Roberts thread on Electricians. Now if I may quote myself from that thread... I am sure many other have many other stories to share about electrical problems and wishing to share mine, I didn't want to hijack Robert's thread. I found out part of the reason...
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    Help! TV repair needed!

    My late model Panasonic TV/VCR combo bit the dust yesterday. The LEDs light up on the front, but nothing happens except that it made a clicking noise for a while. We presume the problem is related to a power surge that hit the house of few months ago. I checked the fuse and looked for any...
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    empleada needed

    Does anyone know of a good empleada looking for work? My friends are returning to the DR in a couple of weeks from the states and need someone to help with general housework and perhaps some cooking. They have four children(no babies) and live just off the Duarte highway coming out of Santo...
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    auto service center

    Can anyone recommend an auto service center for general minor repairs and tune-ups located in the west or northwest part of Santo Domingo? I have a 1997 gasoline powered Toyota Hilux. I expect to find reliable, competent (not necessarily perfect) service that finishes most jobs the same day or...
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    A political merger?

    In the wake of Balaguer's death, does the possibility exist that the PLD and the PRSC could eventually merge to form a real rival to the PRD?
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    my classified ad

    I did it! I posted a classified ad here on DR1 advertising some air conditioners and a generator I am selling. The process was very easy-which is partly why I did it here instead of putting it in the newspaper. Also, I wanted to reach the English-speaking community with my "message." So far...
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    Dog training for personal/home defense

    I have an almost six month old female Doberman. In light of recent robberies in our area(including an attempt by 4 men on our house), I would like to train her to attack intruders. Anyone know of any trainers on the west side of Santo Domingo that specialize in this?
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    Need house to rent

    My wife and I are young Americans currently living in Santo Domingo. Due to our current job situation and high rent we currently pay, we need to move to the Los Rios/Arroyo Hondo area. We need to rent a three bedroom house with some yard and good security. We are looking for something in the...
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    transfer vehicle title "traspaso"

    What do I have to do to legally transfer a vehicle title to my name? I have recently purchased a 5 year old pickup with a clean title from an individual here. If an address or simple directions could be provided for the offices to do this it would be a great help!