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    Monthly pension fund requirement for residency renewal

    There is a migración requirement to have prove one has corresponding pension or income monthly in the RD. for permanent residency renewal. This poster is into his 20th yr of residency up for renewal and has his pension and SS income deposited in a US bank for autopayment for all services and...
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    Medical exam for residency renewal

    Things change ? Does migracion continue to arrange the appointment/time for your medical exam or can you just go to an approved clinic on your own? Is there a list of clinics? Regards, PJT
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    Catholic Church near old sugar mill - Yaguate

    A 75 yr old family member wants to obtain her baptism certificate. Her father worked as a mechanic at the Yaguate mill. The family moved away when she was under one. Does anyone know of a Catholic Church nearest to the mill that may have records? Regards, PJT
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    Need bicycle(s) Punta Cana

    Does anyone in the tourist zone have a used and in reasonable condition adult size bicycle? No fancy style or tires. A standard street model would be fine, two would be better. Regards, PJT
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    Santo Domingo beltway - bypass finished?

    Want to know if the beltway is completely finished?. Traveling from the east and want to pick up the beltway from Boca Chica / Carr. Mella / Autopista Nordeste. Is it OK to make a connection at El Naranjo - Autopista Nordeste to use the beltway to get to Autopista Duarte, to avoid the tapóns...
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    Raffle Tickets Club Rotario Punta Cana-Bavaro

    The Club Rotario Punta Cana-Bavaro of Rotary International will be selling raffle tickets this Saturday, October 3 and again on Oct 17, 10am-5pm at Downtown Mall. Bavaro; in front of the kiosk for Diseños Natacha. The price per ticket is RD$ 200.00 The prizes are three HP laptops, one for...
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    Jurisdicción Inmobiliaria liens

    Does anyone have information about requesting from the Jurisdicción Inmobiliaria a document stating a real estate parcel has no liens? Can a request be made from the Punta Cana office to request the La Vega office to send it a document for a parcel in the mountains? It would save long trips to...
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    Mortar Mix where ?

    Does anyone know of a ferreteria in the Punta Cana area that sells bags of mortar mix of sand + masonary cement. Regards, PJT
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    Banks Open Duarte Day (28th) ?

    Having a discussion with better half this am about bank openings. This one says banks are closed to honor Duarte Day of last Sat 26th. Need advice ! Regards, PJT
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    Lost & Found @ El Nacional - Punta Cana Village

    "Found" at front entrance of El Nacional Sat 6pm evening a "One Concept Store" bag with one item enclosed. Attempted to find owner to no avail. ONE store was closed then and not open on Sunday. If someone laments having lost a bag and can identify the item, send a PM to me to arrange what...
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    Promised boats for Boca de Yuma fishermen

    Does anyone have knowledge if any of the boats promised by the government for the fishermen of Boca de Yuma have been delivered ? They are supposed to receive 20 small boats with motors, a 55 foot boat and a refrigerated truck. This promise also includes a food storage warehouse. The...
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    Nightclub next to residential area.

    How close to an existing residential area can a nightclub be constructed? Is there a waiver to the rules, if any, in the tourist zone? Regards, PJT
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    Silver Cable internet irregularities

    Has anyone experienced Silver Cable internet speeds slowing down ? Been having speed issues with them, especially on the weekends. Have addressed the matter with them and their response is - the problem is in the street. (responsibility?) Yet, when they are called to report the aberration, the...
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    Gated Communities Adm requiring prop owner and renter contracts ?

    Some gated communities administrators in the east are now requiring when property owners rent their properties they need to have a copy of the rental contract. Have gotten in some passionate arguments with administrators over this matter suggesting it is an invasion of private business, too...
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    Guayabal, best road to get there from Azua / Bani ?

    Want to go to Guayabal. Need advice how to access a good road to get there from Azua or Bani, best option. PJT coming from San Cristobal. Regards, PJT
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    Bernzomatic Gas cylinders ?

    Anyone know where the propane and/or map pro cylinders for Bernzomatic torches can be purchased in the Higuey. Have searched all of the ferreterias in the tourist zone. No can find. If not there, will have to extend search to Santo Domingo next trip if provided a good lead. Regards, PJT
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    Floating bridge closed

    Puente flotante, floating bridge open or closed? Is the puente flotante back in place, open, to handle vehicle traffic ? The print and electronic media reported it closed fri or sat to allow passage of barges. Will be traveling to Santo Domingo tomorrow am. The bridge is the shortest route...
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    Online residency renewal problems !!!

    Time has come for good ol PJT to renew his residency with immigration. However, the online process has become a vicious circle. PJT has all the necessary documents. He went online, set up a user name and password, scanned his documents, filled out the application, and supposedly uploaded the...
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    Window Air Conditioners

    Anyone know of a store or ferreteria in Santo Domingo that sell the window installation type of ac units and has seen them there. Looking for a small unit of about 4,000-5,000 btu, no more than 18 inches wide. Regards, PJT
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    Good Conduct Letter - Buena Conducta - Bavaro - Punta Cana

    Where in the Bavaro area can one obtain a good conduct letter? Have tried online. However, the site,’s server DNS address could not be found. Please advise. Regards, PJT